Towards the harmonization of the procedures and management processes of the FEWACCI Chambers of Commerce and Industry

"This workshop is a first in the history of FEWACCI", said FEWACCI President. "Through the procedures and processes that the WAQSP consultant's study has identified, you contribute to improving the quality at the enterprise level and making the ECOWAS region more attractive for international trade", said Professor Hamidou Boly, Resident Representative of ECOWAS in Mali.


"My vision of the FEWACCI mission cannot be realized without the establishment of clear and harmonized procedures in the functioning of the Chambers of Commerce in relation to their Federation. In this regard, I would like to thank the EU and UNIDO through the Quality Program of ECOWAS ", said Hajiya Saratu IyaAliyu, President of FEWACCI.


The Executive Director of FEWACCI, Mr. Aminou Akadiri, recalled the role of FEWACCI in the creation of the ECOBANK Group and the airline company ASKY Airlines. His presentation focused on FEWACCI's intervention strategy in the regional integration process.


After reading by the consultant, Mr. Awussi, the participants adopted the procedures of HRM, purchasing and subcontracting, recruitment of experts and support consultants, management review, internal communication and with the nationals, communication with state bodies and partners, relationship management with FEWACCI, sister chambers members of the FEWACCI.


This program is funded by the European Union with the technical support of UNIDO, the implementing Agency

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