It comprises the Executive Director, an administrative assistant, a Quality unit, a Communication unit, 6 operational technical units, and a support services unit.

The Executive Director
Under the authority of the Board, the Executive Director shall have the principal functions of preparing and executing the programme adopted by the Board; appointing, directing and terminating staff in accordance with the policy and regulations established by the Board; receiving contributions from members of the Association and other sources, and administering the property and assets of the Association; representing the Association in its dealings with the Commission and third parties.

 Operational units
Under the impetus of the Executive Director, they are responsible for the implementation of action plans relating to the various areas of operational activities. There are 6 of them: Accrediation Unit, Metrology Unit, Standards Unit, Conformity Assessment Unit, Technical Regulation Unit, and Training and Quality Promotion Support Unit. Each unit is headed by a manager, under the authority of the Executive Director.

Support services
They include Administration, Accounting and Finance, Information Systems, and Logistics. These services are led by an Administrative and Financial Manager (AFM), the main manager assisted by an Accountant, an Information Systems Manager (ISM), a Logistics Manager, and a Driver. The AFM is placed under the authority of the Executive Director.



This program is funded by the European Union with the technical support of UNIDO, the implementing Agency

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