Accreditation is a recognition of a certified organization in a given field. It can be a voluntary approach, to enhance its competence or made mandatory in the context of a regulation.

It is based on a normative reference system defining requirements in terms of technical competence and the implementation of a management system.

During the Constitutive Meetings of the Regional Accreditation System and Community Committees of ECOWAS, held from 06 to 09 November 2017, in Abuja (Nigeria), and in accordance with Community Regulation N ° C / REG.19 / 12/13 published in December 2013, establishing the ECOWAS Quality Infrastructure System and authorizing the commission to establish: a Community Council of Quality (CCQ); a Community Committee for Metrology (CCM); a Community Committee for Conformity Assessment (CCEC); a Regional Accreditation System (RAS) and a Community Committee for Technical Regulations (CCTR), a Regional Accreditation System (RAS) was effectively established and chaired by Mr. Celestine OKANYA (Nigeria) and for Vice-President Mr. Marcel GBAGUIDI (SOAC).


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