Metrology brings together all the techniques, making it possible to measure, interpret and guarantee their accuracy. In the industrial sector, ensuring the traceability and reliability of measurements is essential to control manufacturing processes and to ensure the quality of the products to be sold on the market. It fully integrates the ECOWAS quality infrastructure system, as well as national quality policies. The purpose of metrology is to ensure accurate and reliable measurements, thus driving the development of the secondary sector within the ECOWAS region.

During the Constitutive Meetings of the Regional Accreditation System and Community Committees of ECOWAS, held from 06 to 09 November 2017, in Abuja (Nigeria), and in accordance with Community Regulation N ° C / REG.19 / 12/13 published in December 2013, establishing the ECOWAS Quality Infrastructure System and authorizing the Commission to establish: a Community Council of Quality (CCQ); a Community Committee on Metrology (CCM); a Community Committee for Conformity Assessment (CCEC); a Regional Accreditation System (RAS) and a Community Committee for Technical Regulations (CCTR), a Community Committee for Metrology (CCM) was effectively constituted and chaired by Mr. Paul DATE (Ghana) and for Vice-President Mr. Gabriel AHISSOU (Benin).

As part of the operationalization of the ECOWAS Quality Agency (ECOWAQ), the responsibles of these ECOWAS community committees thus elected will sit as members of the Community Council of Quality (CCQ).


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