Setting Up of ECOWAS Quality and Industry Database (ECOQUIB)

The quality and industry database is online ( thanks to the ECOQUIB application, which facilitates access to beneficiaries.
As part of WACQIP, an update of this database is planned, taking into account the new data generated by the QI study on the four priority value chains (cassava & derivatives, mango, textiles & garments and ICT).
To this end, during this reporting period the following activities were carried out with a view to update the application:
• Analysis of observations collected from ECOQUIB national focal points and other users of the database;
• New features have been defined with a view to integrating them into the ECOQUIB application;
• An expert in statistics was recruited to support the updating, transposition, and collection of additional data in connection with the national focal points of the database;
• Quality and industry data excel tables have been improved and updated in order to align them with the new features of the ECOQUIB application;
• The existing product list has been updated to include those from the four priority value chains;
• Transposition of existing data and entry of new data was initiated.
Ultimately, the aim is to make the database more relevant and accessible to beneficiaries, in particular the ECOWAS Competitiveness Observatory currently under setup.


This program is funded by the European Union with the technical support of UNIDO, the implementing Agency

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