Women entrepreneurs in the West African region pledge to invest in the quality approach

The WAQSP continues its action towards the private sector. After the FOPAO and the Consular Chambers through the FEWACCI, the WAQSP engages the women entrepreneurs of the region in the quality approach. For this purpose, a training workshop is organized for them. It opened in Niamey, Niger. On occasion, two (02) women who have distinguished themselves in the field of Quality have been presented as models. They are: Ms Zeinabou MAIDAH, General Manager of NIGER-LAIT, a dairy products production company, which will be visited by all participants from the sixteen (16) countries of the region, and Ms Olga Kouassi, General Manager of Bureau Standards Audit (BNA), based in Cote d’Ivoire.

The workshop organized by the WAQSP, from September 3rd to 4th, 2019, on the quality approach was held with great success. "It was facilitated by women (Olga Kouassi, director of Bureau Standard Audit, a regional level certification body and Zeinabou Maidah, CEO of Niger-Lait, a milk production company) and dedicated to women, members of the Federation of Women Entrepreneurs and Businesswomen of ECOWAS(FEBWE), "said Aka Jean Joseph Kouassi, Chief Technical Adviser, WAQSP / UNIDO (on the right in the photo, handing a certificate to the participant from Sierra Leone).

"This workshop is in line with FEBWE's mission: to further strengthen the capacity of women to play a full role in the economic and social development of the region. It is in this context that we have planned to organize a forum at the end of this year. As president and on behalf of my members, I say a big thank you to the stakeholders of the WAQSP for this initiative ", said Mrs. Candide Bamezon-Leguede, President of FEBWE.

The theoretical part, led by Mrs. Olga Kouassi, was followed by a practical part organized at the Niger-Lait milk production plant. The participants said they were impressed and pledged to get into the process as soon as they return. "I hope we will reach a minimum rate of 8 out of 15 who commit by next year. Me, anyway, you can count on me. After listening to Ms. Olga and seeing what you have done, I have fire in my body", said Mutivah Kappiah of Sierra Leone.

"I have a lot of experience, I have seen a lot in all areas of economic activity, I’m even at the head of a large school group, but the experience I have lived these two days will remain unique for me. I have learned a lot and I am sure that it will serve me a lot, not only in my activities, but also in the management of human resources under my responsibility. I thank the trainers, but also UNIDO, European Union and ECOWAS ", said Ms. Alaba Lawson of Nigeria.

This program is funded by the European Union with the technical support of UNIDO

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