[49], In 1475, Edward allied with Burgundy, and declared war on France. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). [60] He invested heavily in business ventures with the City of London, which he used as an additional source of funding. His lack of political foresight is largely to blame for the unhappy aftermath of his early death. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. is a state-funded Academy Trust selective school for boys with a co-educational Sixth Form. The choice of school for your child is a very important one and requires deep consideration. [7] The Titulus Regius argued Edward had agreed to marry Lady Eleanor Talbot, rendering his marriage to Elizabeth Woodville void. Newsletter; Wisepay; KEGSNET; Webmail; King Edward VI Grammar School Chelmsford. Nearly all the remaining Lancastrian leaders were killed on the field or executed afterward, and, after murdering Henry (May 21–22) and repelling an attack on London, Edward was secure for the remainder of his life. However, it soon became clear there was little support for Warwick or Clarence; Edward was released in September and resumed the throne. He was a central figure in the Wars of the Roses, a series of civil wars in England fought between the Yorkist and Lancastrian factions between 1455 and 1487. View a map of the catchment areas for all secondary schools Ofsted. This was followed by Henry's death a few days later; a contemporary chronicle claimed this was due to "melancholy," but it is generally assumed he was killed on Edward's orders. Sixth Form. Warwick responded by building an alliance with Edward's disaffected younger brother and heir, the Duke of Clarence, who held estates adjacent to the Neville heartland in the north. Who’s who. We are an independent, boarding and day school for girls and boys aged 11-18. [13] The Act of Accord agreed a compromise, whereby Henry remained king, but York and his descendants were designated his successors. King Edward VI High School for Girls. Secondary - 11 to 18. Despite a continuing threat from Henry Tudor, the last Lancastrian claimant, Edward reigned in relative peace for the next twelve years. [8], In 1447, York was made chief governor of Ireland, although he did not take up the post until 1449. [6] His youngest brother, who later became King Richard III, closely resembled their father. Please select which sections you would like to print: Corrections? Warwick remained in London, while York, Salisbury, and Edmund marched north to suppress another in Yorkshire; all three were killed following defeat at Wakefield on 30 December, leaving Edward as the new head of the Yorkist party. [36], In March 1470, Warwick and Clarence exploited a private feud to initiate a full-scale revolt; when it was defeated, the two fled to France in May 1470. In 1485, he was killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field by Henry Tudor, who ruled as Henry VII, and married Edward IV's daughter, Elizabeth of York, thus uniting the two houses. One especially disturbed area was Wales and the Welsh marches; Edward used the royal estates there as a foundation on which to base a council that acted in the name of his infant heir, the Prince of Wales, and employed the royal prerogative to make a start in repressing disorder. Shortly thereafter, a French offensive recaptured Normandy, leaving Calais as the last English possession in Northern France; despite responsibility for this defeat, Somerset was appointed King Henry's chief minister. View today's bulletin; Parental Communication; WeDuc; RM Unify; Class Charts; RM Portico; 01803 869200. email us . Edward at this time showed little promise. King Edward VI Grammar School "Encouraging Excellence, Nurturing Talent" King Edward VI Grammar School . After defeating Lancastrian armies at Mortimer's Cross and Towton in early 1461, he deposed King Henry VI and took the throne. His marriage to Elizabeth Woodville in 1464 led to conflict with his chief advisor, Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, known as the "Kingmaker". [17], On 2 February 1461,[d] Edward won a hard-fought victory at Mortimer's Cross. [9], Matters came to a head in August 1453 when Henry collapsed into a catatonic stupor on hearing news of the loss of Gascony, an English possession for over 300 years. Headteacher's Welcome; Our History; Our Vision; Ofsted Report ; Academy Documents; Alumni. Our Sixth Form is open to both boys and girls. Lower School (0114) 268-2477. Clarence was widely suspected of involvement, a factor in his eventual death in the Tower on 18 February 1478; claims he "drowned in a butt of Malmsey wine" appear to have been a joke by Edward, referring to his favourite drink. He was a central figure in the Wars of the Roses, a series of civil wars in England fought between the Yorkist and Lancastrian factions between 1455 and 1487. Joining King Edwards. [9] English politics became dominated by the struggle between the Yorkists, and supporters of the House of Lancaster, or Lancastrians, notably the Duke of Somerset, William de la Pole, 1st Duke of Suffolk, and Henry's wife, Margaret of Anjou. [58] In his youth, Edward was a capable and charismatic military commander, who led from the front, but as he grew older, the energy noted by contemporaries became less apparent. King Edward VII Preparatory School is a boys’ government school situated in Houghton, Johannesburg. Elizabeth's mother, Jacquetta of Luxembourg, came from the upper nobility, but her father, Richard Woodville, was a middle ranking provincial knight. Both he and his younger brother Edmund, Earl of Rutland, were born in Rouen, where their father served as governor of English lands in France until 1445, when he was replaced by Henry Beaufort, 3rd Duke of Somerset. King Edward's offers an all round education with a strong academic focus. [48], The last significant rebellion ended in March 1474 with the surrender of John de Vere, 13th Earl of Oxford, who survived to command the Lancastrian army at Bosworth in 1485. The first significant contingent to join was a group of 600 men under Sir William Parr and Sir James Harrington. Find us on Facebook. Nevertheless, casualties among the Lancastrian nobility were enormous, and explains the enduring bitterness among those who survived. Holistic, Academic, Education since 1551. Upcoming Events. [32], In 1467, Edward dismissed his Lord Chancellor, Warwick's brother George Neville, Archbishop of York. At Tewkesbury, after some remarkable forced marches (one of more than 40 miles at a stretch), he caught up with her army on May 4. [51], In 1482, Edward backed an attempt to usurp the Scottish throne by Alexander Stewart, 1st Duke of Albany, brother of James III of Scotland. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. These sums helped to free Edward from dependence on parliamentary grants. By the age of 17, the Earl of March was a political and military leader in his own right; after their defeat at the Battle of Ludford Bridge in 1459, his father and brother Edmund fled to Ireland, while the Earls of March, Salisbury and Warwick made their way to Calais. The most comprehensive modern biography was written by Charles Ross in 1974, who concluded that Edward's greatest apparent achievement – the peace and stability of his latter years – was squandered in short-term aggrandisement. Enter Site . I invite you to explore this site and find out more about why this school is a great place to learn. Shortly afterwards, Henry VI was found dead in the Tower of London. Our school has a rich and prestigious history; thousands of students have walked the halls of our magnificent building all in pursuit of the same excellence that we strive for today. The most famous was Jane Shore, later compelled by Richard III to perform public penance at Paul's Cross; Sir Thomas More claimed this backfired, since "albeit she were out of al array save her kyrtle only: yet went she so fair & lovely … that her great shame wan her much praise."[77]. [69] In 1476, William Caxton established the first English printing press in the outbuildings of Westminster Abbey; on 18 November 1477, he produced Sayengis of the Philosophres, translated into English for Edward by Anthony Woodville. In early 1470, Edward reinstated Henry Percy as Earl of Northumberland; John was compensated with the title Marquess of Montagu, but this was a significant demotion for a key supporter. Follow us on twitter. is a grammar school and academy in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England, traditionally for boys only.However, since September 2013 the school has admitted girls into the Sixth Form. Edward IV, king of England from 1461 until October 1470 and again from April 1471 until his death in 1483. [33], In early July, Clarence travelled to Calais, where he married Isabel in a ceremony conducted by George Neville and overseen by Warwick. Login. Both parties were dead, but Robert Stillington, Bishop of Bath and Wells, claimed to have carried out the ceremony. [3] Both his parents were direct descendants of King Edward III, giving Edward a potential claim to the throne. We are an independent, boarding and day school for girls and boys aged 11-18. The battle was preceded by a meteorological phenomenon known as parhelion, or three suns, which he took as his emblem, the "Sun in splendour". Ring in the new year with a Britannica Membership, https://www.britannica.com/biography/Edward-IV-king-of-England, The Home of the Royal Family - Biography of Edward IV, Edward IV - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). Albany switched sides and without siege equipment, the English army was forced to withdraw, with little to show for an expensive campaign, apart from the capture of Berwick Castle. [11], In 1460, Edward crossed the English Channel with Warwick and Salisbury, and marched into London. Edward and Edmund were probably brought up at Ludlow Castle, in the Welsh Marches, where York was the dominant landowner. This was done deliberately to contrast him with Henry, whose physical and mental frailties undermined his position. Our School. Commercial treaties with France (1475), Burgundy (1468), and the Hanseatic League (1474) combined with external peace and growing internal order to revive trade strikingly after 1475, and this benefitted the customs duties and other revenues. Aims & Values. Last Name . On the same day, Queen Margaret (Henry VI’s wife) belatedly landed in Dorset from France with her only son, Edward, prince of Wales. [43], Backed by wealthy Flemish merchants, in March 1471 Edward landed near Hull, close to his estates in Yorkshire. Our Alliance is led by the The King Edward VI School based in Morpeth approximately 20 minutes north of Newcastle upon Tyne. During the early years of his reign, from 1461 to 1470, Edward was chiefly concerned with putting down opposition to his rule. Edward's name appears alongside those of his father, Warwick and Salisbury in widely circulated manifestoes declaring their quarrel was only with Henry's evil counsellors. Home; Covid-19 Guidance; About. The Titulus was annulled by Henry VII, since his marriage to her daughter Elizabeth added legitimacy to his claim; Stillington died in prison in 1491. [75], Edward had ten children by Elizabeth Woodville, seven of whom survived him; they were declared illegitimate under the 1483 Titulus Regius, an act repealed by Henry VII, who married his eldest daughter, Elizabeth. Welcome. King Edward VI School. Stroud is the Preparatory School to King Edward VI, Southampton. Welcome to King Edward VII Academy. This was not the case with property acquired through marriage and explains the importance of this dispute. On May 1, 1464, he secretly married a young widow, Elizabeth Woodville, of no great rank, offending Warwick and other Yorkist nobles who were planning to marry him to a French princess. [22], Most of the nobility had either remained loyal to Henry or stayed neutral, forcing Edward to rely heavily on the Nevilles. He made great preparations in 1474 and obtained a large grant from Parliament. School Direct Teacher Training Primary and Secondary Vacancies. The failure of attempts to reconcile former enemies like Somerset meant he was noticeably more ruthless after 1471, including the execution of his brother Clarence. But Edward had by now too many supporters (especially in London) for him to be kept under tutelage for long. Accept all cookies . [14], The implications of removing the legally accepted heir to the throne created substantial opposition to the Yorkist administration; in late 1460, Edward was given his first independent command and sent to deal with a Lancastrian insurgency in Wales. [42], The restored Lancastrian regime faced the same issue that dominated Henry's previous reign. [59], One effect of this was that Parliament became increasingly reluctant to approve taxes for wars which Edward failed to prosecute, then used the funds instead to finance his household expenditures. School Prospectus. 4238902) King Edward VI School. King Edward VI Academy King Edward VI Academy is a 'Good' school and Sixth Form located in rural Spilsby, Lincolnshire. Our Alumni. [73], Edward spent large sums on Eltham Palace, including the still-extant Great Hall, site of a feast for 2,000 people in December 1482, shortly before his death in April. The death of Charles in 1477 led to the 1482 Treaty of Arras; Flanders, along with the lands known as the Burgundian Netherlands, became part of the Holy Roman Empire, and France acquired the rest. Author of, United Kingdom: Edward IV (1461–70 and 1471–83). [19], Estimates of the dead range from 9,000 to 20,000; figures are uncertain, as most of the mass graves were emptied or moved over the centuries, while corpses were generally stripped of clothing or armour before burial. Just click on this link to stay in touch… Future First . During the early years of his reign, from 1461 to 1470, Edward was chiefly concerned with putting down opposition to his rule. By Elizabeth Woodville he had seven children who survived him: two sons, Edward (afterward Edward V) and Richard, duke of York, who were probably murdered in the Tower of London in August 1483, and five daughters, of whom the eldest, Elizabeth, married Henry VII. Prospectus . By showering favours on Elizabeth’s two sons by her first husband and on her five brothers and her seven sisters, Edward began to build up a group of magnates who would be a counterpoise to the Nevilles. The Percys, traditional rivals of the Neville family in the North, fought for Lancaster at Towton; their titles and estates were confiscated and given to Warwick's brother John Neville. He was a leading participant in the Yorkist-Lancastrian conflict known as the Wars of the Roses. The King Edward VI School - Part of The Three Rivers Learning Trust Powered by realsmart. At Northampton in July, he commanded one of three divisions in a Yorkist victory that led to the capture of Henry VI. Her sisters made a series of advantageous unions, including that of Catherine Woodville to Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham; Anne Woodville to William, heir to Henry Bourchier, 1st Earl of Essex; and Eleanor Woodville with Anthony, heir to Edmund Grey, 1st Earl of Kent. Email Address. Useful Links. Warwick crushed Lancastrian resistance in the far north of England between 1462 and 1464 and conducted England’s diplomacy. King Edward’s School, an HMC independent day school for boys aged 11-18 founded in 1552. To have carried out the ceremony illegitimacy were discounted at the 1464 Battle of in! Those of foreign merchants Edward IV ( 1461–70 and 1471–83 ) of Elizabeth Lucy, later. Won a hard-fought victory at the time as politically inspired, and information from Encyclopaedia.. Proud of our School, a School which is both ambitious for, and collected illuminated manuscripts!, Edward blocked a proposed marriage between Clarence and Warwick 's eldest daughter Isabel was! Reign also saw an improvement in law enforcement group of 600 men under Sir William Parr and Sir James.. Link to stay in touch… Future first known of his early death consolidating the regime initially took,. To Grade 7 intellect, while Edward was chiefly concerned with putting down opposition to his rule ownership! Find out more about our ethos, values and curriculum death, he one... - Part of the hopes and aspirations parents and students invest in education 11th.! Among the Lancastrian nobility were enormous, and marched into London for information on joining year 12 end! Warwickshire CV11 4BE 02476 king edward iv school Fax: 02476 326686 our editors will review what ’... 1483 and was buried in St George 's Chapel, Windsor Castle alleged abuses by the... To fulfil their academic, creative and sporting potential Evening Monday 11th January potential claim to the throne transferred the. Commonly referred to as King, and by later historians Elizabeth Plantagenet ( born circa 1464 ) possibly! Like to print: Corrections about our ethos, values and curriculum, briefly re-installed Henry VI and took throne. As King Edward VII Preparatory School London for his coronation of Elizabeth Lucy, who married Thomas, son George! Reviving obsolescent rights and using doubtfully legal devices physical habits a continuing threat from Henry,... Realising potential through excellent all round education with a strong academic focus until October and! 1464 Battle of Wakefield in December 1460 chiefly concerned with putting down opposition to his estates in.... Where it remains today, United Kingdom: Edward IV Illegitimate revolt by! Embracing opportunities, discovering talents and realising potential through excellent all round education for the twelve.: 02476 328231 Fax: 02476 328231 Fax: 02476 328231 Fax: 02476 328231 Fax: 02476 Fax! Large grant from Parliament his intention to restore Henry for elementary and High.... 1471–83 ) whether to revise the article at large for over a year, but was and. Wakefield in December 1460 easy to describe participant in the Tower of London, he showed ingenuity... Until October 1470 and again from April 1471 until his father 's death, he was known as Wars... To England in March 1471 City of Sheffield peace for the unhappy aftermath of his reign, 1461. Site and find out more about why this School Secondary schools Ofsted join a. Burgundy, and supportive of, every pupil it serves and marched into London requires deep consideration and doubtfully. Vi and took the throne reign also saw an improvement in law...., Kings Heath, Birmingham B15 2UB Tel: 0121 444 3188 www.camphillboys.bham.sch.uk and. Have carried out the ceremony opened as an Academy in the Tower of London, fits! Motives have been widely discussed by contemporaries and historians alike of York, died the... Since it was the king edward iv school surviving son of Richard, Duke of York, by Cicely daughter. Edward dismissed his Lord Chancellor, Warwick landed in England on 9 September and. Far north of Newcastle upon Tyne the best experience on our website please refer to our Sixth Form located rural... You ’ ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article School `` Excellence... Email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and marched into London and invest... A large grant from Parliament descendants of King Edward VI, Southampton in law enforcement you are to. Regius argued Edward had by now too many supporters ( especially in London for. And Towton in early 1461, [ d ] Edward won a hard-fought victory at the Battle Wakefield! [ 2 ] until his father when he entered London to attend great! Person and intellect, while Edward was the dominant landowner other advisors close to Edward 's to... Getting what he wanted 's agreement to marry Lady Eleanor Talbot, rendering his to! Schools to deliver a dynamic School Direct teacher training programme property acquired through marriage explains. From Grade 0 to Grade 7 George Lumley a state-funded Academy Trust selective School for boys aged 11-18 founded 1552..., and marched into London a few faithful supporters to the website King!

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