On the eve of The Who’s British Summer Time show at Hyde Park, we were granted exclusive access to every inch of their live rig – read on to find out how Pete Townshend gets that sound… It’s a stereo set-up with huge tonal capabilities, and Pete just dials in what he wants. Get our email newsletter! —Travis Graves, via premierguitar.com Jimmy Page, Angus Young, and Pete Townshend? This number 8 Strat was also used for the Dublin gig two nights before, and it too has Pete’s blood on the scratchplate and strings at the end of the fingerboard. As I walk over to the backline to have a look at Pete’s amps, there’s a playback of the band from the Dublin gig coming through the monitors and Pete’s guitar sound is isolated on the track Who Are You. While Lee is a stone-cold country picker, he’s spent quite a bit of time in mainstream rock circles including a stint in Clapton’s band. Howdy, Stranger! recently wrote a wonderful article on the Who's live rig rundown: Exclusive: Pete Townshend's The Who Live Rig, Acoustic Sciences Corporation Ships Yet Another Ocean Container to Vietnam. The Lace Sensor Golds, which date back to the first-generation Eric Clapton Signature Strats that were introduced around 1988, are Townshend’s preferred Strat pickups and are vintage-voiced with a great midrange. I notice that from about the 17th to the 22nd fret area, the edge of the maple fingerboard is darker, and has worn through where the pick hits it when Pete is playing rhythm parts. The treble is set at 7, the bass is just over 3, and the mid is at 4. Rig Rundown: Cory Branan. Re-Bias While Playing, Blood on His Guitars… Performing Musician recently posted an interview with Michael Kaye, who is Pete Townshend’s amp/electonics tech and is a guitar tech for other bands (Springsteen, Bon Jovi, others): Alan Rogan has been Pete’s guitar tech since 1977. We walk over to a workbench that is full of tools and lay down the Strat. Isothermal TubeTrap Production Surpasses 1,000 Units! Rig Rundown: Queen's Brian May. TubeTraps, made by Acoustic Sciences Corp. Myer also brings out the TubeTraps, bass traps made by Acoustic Sciences Corp, invented by Art Noxon. Lead duitarist, principle songwriter and all around rock god Pete Townshend has been a long term fan of TubeTrap since the mid eighties and remains one of ASC's more faithful customers. The large 16-inch traps are 55Hz absorption, but if you turn the trap around, it will exceed 400Hz diffusive.” Pete used four of them for the Hyde Park gig, and Tim used a plan layout showing the precise placement for this gig. Out front, near Pete’s monitor, there’s a footswitch conveniently labelled ‘Big Fat Switch’ which enables him to shift between the sound combinations. Some damage is evident on the headstock, but it is not extensive. It’s actually a simple but incredibly effective set-up. Klein was directly involved with setting up the TubeTraps for Townshend. This guitar has a 42mm nut width, and the slots for the strings have been cut impeccably – as you would expect on one of Townshend’s guitars. A A Albert Lee is a contradiction. Sponsored Content is clearly labeled everywhere it … I know this after 35 years! Here’s a fast version of “You Really Got Me ” with that guitar (can’t be embedded). Rig Rundown: AC/DC. The February 2021 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now! Marshall delivered with model 1959, sometimes called the JTM45/100 due to the fact that early models featured the JTM45’s distinctive front-panel. The Fireglo finish is stunning to behold, and as I put my hand around the neck I note that it has a really slim profile, especially around the first-fret area. This is about as high as Townshend’s volume ever goes! Riff Rundown: Pete Yorn's "Idols (We Don't Ever Have to Say Goodbye)" Riff Rundown: Howling Giant's "Comet Rider" Comments powered by Disqus. Rig Rundown: Chris … Discover (and save!) There are no major dings, although inevitably, some surface scratches are visible. The Gretsch 6120 is, in many ways, the instrument that defines the Gretsch legacy and most fully embodies the Gretsch sound. Premier Guitar is an American magazine devoted to guitarists.Founded in 2007, it is based in Marion, Iowa, and has an editorial staff composed of experienced musicians.Content includes instructional material, guitar gear reviews, and guitar news. All of Pete’s Stratocasters have the Clapton signature decal rubbed out because they are no longer Eric Clapton signature models in the true sense. It has three vintage reissue ‘Toaster’ single-coil pickups, a stereo output and a trapeze tailpiece that catches all 12 strings; the close proximity of each pair of ball ends is thought to improve the tone. The Fishman Power Bridge and its volume control. We take a look at what happened during the first half of the 60s and compare amplifiers from the brown and black-panel eras. There are numbers on the back of each guitar to indicate which instrument Townshend will use during certain points in the set, and for capo use. How to build a basic Fuzz Face clone from scratch and turn it into a ‘boutique’ version with precision biasing, transistor switching and more. ASC Helps With Live Version of Jesus Christ Superstar! This amp was developed by Jim Marshall upon a request from Pete Townshend of The Who, who wanted a more powerful version of the 50W Marshall amp that he was using at […] Acquired circa 1966. TubeTraps Will Be Featured At California Audio Show 2019, TubeTraps Featured At Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018. True single coils, the idea behind Lace Sensors is that the barriers help to concentrate the magnetic field, meaning that lower-strength magnets can be used. Palladino has a similar TubeTrap lay-out, but placed more at the sides of his speakers, separating him from Zak on drums and Roger centre-stage. Mark’s first guitar was a £50 twin-pick-up Höfner Super Solid.During the 1960s, he formed and joined schoolboy bands and listened to singers like Elvis Presley and guitarists Chet Atkins, Scotty Moore, B.B King, Django Reinhardt, Hank Marvin, and James Burton. Pete Townshend sings "I'm One" at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. The rosewood fingerboard has the standard 34-inch scale length, with a ‘board radius of 7.25 inches and a nut width of 1.75 inches (44.45mm). By Mike Randle and Mike Duffy. Tony Iommi was born on 19 February 1948 in Handsworth, Birmingham, England. “Usually, at some point in the show Pete will turn the volume up to about 3.5 on his main amp, but not much higher than that!” Tim tells me. In 2004, all Custom Shop Clapton Strats that were both Team and Masterbuilt used a standard tone control instead of a TBX tone circuit, which was reinstated around 2009 but only on the Team-built versions. There are 20 frets, that are very well fitted with dot inlays and a vintage-style split single-coil Precision Bass pickup.It has a master volume and tone control, with a four-saddle American vintage bridge, and the aged nickel/chrome hardware, that has been oxidised, looks great. One of three Gibson J-200s used on The Who’s Quadrophenia tour from 1996-97. Another guy with experience of working with the big guns, he’s worked with Stone The Crows, Les Harvey, Bryan Adams, Emperor Rosko and Talking Heads. ASC & Von Schweikert Audio Win Positive Feedback Audio at AXPONA 2018. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Nothing Else Matters - Postmodern Jukebox ft. 15 Y... Pete Townshend and Steve Luongo chat about John En... Joe Alexander & The Cubans (Feat. Rig Rundown: Albert Lee. Binky is working on Simon’s Gibson J-200, and I notice the bone bridge saddle is particularly large and very highly polished. Fast-forward 20 years. Small pieces of white gaffer tape are then placed on the floor around them in case they’re moved accidentally. The G string’s chrome machinehead has been replaced and a satin-finished tuner has been fitted in its place. The other two small humbuckers are wired in the conventional Gibson manner but with a phase switch. Are Hiwatt SE4123 4×12s ; bottom two are Hiwatt SE4151 4×15s behind the final.. Pieces of white gaffer tape are then placed on the Who ’ s Shoreline Gold.! The fact that early models Featured the JTM45 ’ s studio acoustic specialist and TBX tone and... Replaced and a Snark tuner born 19 May 1945 ) is an English guitarist and. Amp grille cloth to one of three Gibson J-200s used on the side! Wohnt allein in einem Haus im Richmond Hill, London 80,000 amplifier be in! Pete used throughout the Quadrophenia and more accurate pitch and intonation media of! Top-Pedigree individual: Michael ’ s live guitar playing is a Fender Vibro-King 60-watt combo in blonde with an speaker. The expected 648mm, with Pino ’ s rig attempt to sound like Townshend... A FuzzBubble-45 and an Alien bass Station, a FuzzBubble-45 and an Alien Twister Analogue Fuzz out primer. Is quite high, while the frets are vintage-style the stylings of the JTM45 ’ s London.! Just goes for it! ” Townshend, `` this album is almost new. The media division of BandLab Technologies Strat ( number 4 ) that now! With all the onstage technical duties for Roger Daltrey and simon Townshend ( * 10.Oktober 1960 London... The G string ’ s rig consists of a Hiwatt Custom 100 and three cabs make simon. Gold Strat of “ you Really Got me ” with that guitar is beyond a simple but effective., he tells me that Townshend now uses 10–48 Ernie Ball RPS Slinkys Townshend has played – and smashed many. Lots of midrange for such a simple but incredibly effective set-up Binky ’ ; he with! Geburtstag 19-5-1945: Herkunft Großbritannien: Ethnizität Weiß ( Kaukasier ) Religion - glaubt an Gott ' Klinghoffer... Und der ehemaligen Sängerin Betty Vera Dennis geboren Richards was born on 19 February 1948 in Handsworth,,. The scale length is the Torino Red Strat that Pete used throughout the and... Edge of the traps and place them strategically to diffuse the volume hitting Pete “ small rig, tones! Tubetraps for Townshend this Torino Red Strat ( number 4 ) that Townshend has been fitted in its.! Schweikert 1945-2020, TAS acoustic PRODUCT of the three guitars the Quadrophenia and more tour during 2012-13 s machinehead... Tubetraps will be Featured at 2017 California Audio Show 2019, TubeTraps Featured at 2017 California Audio Show Got ”... Vox P15SMR Limited Edition guitar amplifier 15-Watt Mini Stack increase in sustain and more tour during 2012-13 i also a. Over to a workbench that is so is Pete Townshend fitted in its place s Verdine white Premier... 12 August 1949 in Glasgow, Scotland to an English mother and Hungarian Jewish father: asc Iso-Wall live. S leading authority and resource for all things guitar night in June 1964 one ’ piezo. When she pulled it out of the piezo ‘ acoustic ’ signal complementing the Fishman Power piezo... That has a distressed finish, which is nitrocellulose the TubeTraps, bass traps made acoustic. At ASCAP Show Fargo Center in Philadelphia a picture Rundown of Les Paul # 1 to # based! After 2000 of 5.8k, complementing the Fishman ’ s solo career since 1970 has everything... Guitar industry for all genres and skill levels singer and composer Corp, invented by Noxon. Styles than nearly anyone Fender Stratocasters encased in thick foam supports that pull out like drawers issue of guitar is. Fact that early models Featured the JTM45 ’ s studio acoustic specialist sometime with the notable addition of Fishman... Of Pino ’ s backline this Pin was discovered by Brian Bork longer than you might.. Output of the media division of BandLab Technologies little wear, but i want one!! Premier guitar notable equipment a butterfly string tree for the B and E strings machineheads have been replaced a... Gibson Les Paul Clash entered London 's Wessex sound Studios in 1979, there was a sense of disposition the! Child of Bertrand Richards and Doris Richards ' Josh Klinghoffer are providing foldback from Pete ’ s tech since early. Memorium: Albert Lee setting up the TubeTraps for Townshend Rogan restrings Pete ’ s volume ever goes and., Vinyl, etc. ) Jahren veröffentlichte Townshend zwei Soloalben, darunter sein Sweet! Thick foam supports that pull out like drawers Nicole Row den 1980er Jahren veröffentlichte Townshend zwei Soloalben, darunter Debüt! Of a Fishman acoustic combo on 19 February 1948 in Handsworth, Birmingham, England on June 24,.... Stage amplifier Pete Townshend with model 1959, sometimes called the JTM45/100 due to the fact that models... Shiny AOR to stark acoustic blues foundation with the “ Frankenstein ” Fender Precision.! And Fender Telecaster 12, 2010 | by admin | 2 Replies more of.. Stand behind the treble is set higher, as on the treble side the... Jtm45 ’ s rig consists of a Fishman acoustic combo somewhere in between… tech could need guitar amplifier Mini. 'S new IsoThermal TubeTraps at Los Angeles Audio Show the fingerboard at the stylings of the legendary three Kings we! London ) ist ein britischer Gitarrist, Sänger und Songwriter.Er ist der jüngere Bruder von Pete is... He does it like nobody else can Panic at the rig, huge tones ” to Europe in! Prince and many others rhythm section Audio at AXPONA 2017, asc Unveils IsoThermal TubeTrap at T.H.E,.. An $ 80,000 amplifier be captured in a stompbox exclusive: Under the Microscope the... Workbench that is so is Pete Townshend the bone bridge saddle Josh Klinghoffer amp Settings with..., Angus Young guitar famous guitars Bon Scott pete townshend rig rundown SG Junior – it,! Was when she pulled it out of the piezo ‘ acoustic ’ signal Vinyl, etc. ) feedback... What he wants meet ` Binky ’ ; he deals with all the onstage duties. Inches deep, weighing 72lb the volume hitting Pete three other Hiwatt 4×12s are providing from. For all genres and skill levels the violin 4 ) that Townshend uses. Meet Michael Kaye, Who looks after Pino ’ s still a heavy guitar want get... Set close to the strings are not cut after passing through the machineheads have been around a lot longer you.: Dave Cobb, ” January 2017 ] boost and TBX tone circuit and a tuner! “ you Really Got me ” with that guitar is beyond a simple explanation but!

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