Diane OffuttWoodstock, GA 30189. LOL. Please update us if there are any developments. Janelle Martignetti E-mail support is also available, with an advertised response time of 24-48 hours. However, we have referral based relationships with several of the processors that we’ve reviewed, so there is no exclusivity involved. More importantly, though, I was thrilled to see how well this company handles complaints in the public forum. Definitely let us know, because if MW is ok with your industry, then that’d be good news for other businesses that do the same thing you do. This is not high risk. However, it’s not quite so simple. One of the biggest reasons why they have such a high score is because their merchant accounts don’t carry an early termination fee. That said, Cayan does seem to go out of its way to respond to complaints in a positive manner and is more than willing to issue a refund when it’s warranted. This clearly shows their signature and agreement to pay. There customer service is pretty much useless. Relationship Manager The company also has an international office in Belfast, United Kingdom. Genius SV/SL. Test the terminal's communication with Cayan's servers Once your terminal is successfully connected to your local network, make sure it's also communicating with Cayan's servers. For one thing, a true month-to-month contract will explicitly state that it continues indefinitely on a month-to-month basis. We apologize for that frustration. I always receive my money within 2 days of the processing day. Read detailed information and client reviews about Cayan Major Clients: Retail Pro, Lightspeed, The Orchard, By Brooklyn, Popcorn Paws Revenue: $5 million - $10 million Year I have been happy with this company, but out of the blue they mention a $99 fee for PCI compliance. If you're in North America, you can reach us by phone at 888-342-0131. Ideally, these complaints should be handled in-house before the merchant feels the need to go to a third-party site. But with a … When your trying to run a business effeciently, these type of constant, daily set backs are ridiculous. That’s certainly good news, and you might believe that because of this policy your contract is on a month-to-month basis. One time I had a customer pay with a friend’s card & within 20 min. I was leaving Merchant Warehouse with no ill will, I hope that will remain as such. Please refer to our page “How This Site Makes Money” for more info. Every single thing the sales person promised me was NOT TRUE. In the end we filed a complaint with the state Attorney General’s office and used PayPal instead.Cayan has absolutely no financial incentive to provide CVV and billing address verification. If you're in the UK, you can reach us by phone at 0800 051 3311 (Outside of North America +1-416-363-5252 , Option 2). I hope the cancellation process goes smoothly from here on out. The monthly statements show a total of 23 different fees and charges. I’d say it’s worth a little bit of a wait for better responses, but of course, I’d rather have the best of both worlds. I had to speak to a manager just to get this resolved because I kept getting put off by frontline CSR’s and nothing was being done. (In most stores, it would be difficult to ask a customer to step aside so another customer can process their transaction … Customer service went out the window once we signed on the dotted line. Their billing is definetely on the shady side and I have to go over each statment with a fine tooth comb. )Talked to MW rep, Tim who was good about answering questions. Cayan classifies itself as an Independent Sales Organization (ISO), notable for the fact that it offers both cost-plus and bundled pricing for its credit card processing services. They said that they would send money via check in the mail some time this month to clear up the problem but still try to take more from the account… BEWARE! ... Manually entering credit or debit card numbers is not supported. I actually did my research and found them listed on their website at the time. Last few month the service dropped to ZERO in terms of quality. The difficulty and time needed to cancel are absolutely staggering. Everyone is complaining about the rates but my complaint is I just can’t get the damm equipment to work. Comment moderation is enabled. We called in to close our account on March 6 after we were charged the 4th $50 charge for no card processing. Holding our money. Again, once we realized this we reworked the account to lower the costs of taking those specific cards. I’ve been considering Intuit. I’m on neither side, but I do think it’s only fair that both of you get to say your piece. First, about 20% of the contracts in their system that are supposed to charge clients on a regular basis simply don’t run the charges – and no notification is sent to the business!! We’re switching to another vendor. Utilizing token processing through TSYS, this credit card routine … MW is known for being a bit more flexible than some of these other non high-risk providers, so it’s possible that their underwriting department boarded you knowing full and well what you do. It never should have gotten to the point where you felt you needed to voice your dissatisfaction in a public forum such as this. While it’s in line with the industry average, it’s charged as a single annual fee, rather than on a monthly basis. Yet credit cards cost business owners money. That is why you don’t hear from the risk department that they’ve held your funds for 3 or 4 days after the charge. Click here to cancel Your account will not be closed until you complete the required information on the website. I looked at lots of processors before hand; cdg merchant plus pay simple and others. They must train their employees on how to lie since they do it so well!! I created this site as an open and unbiased forum for both the merchant and the provider to express their views in an environment where there are rules, and the process is authenticated. I researched and thought I had a pretty first rate company to deal with and we were excited for our business. They were sent statements via mail and had money withdrawn from their account. The end of the month balancing is quick and easy. We had a hard decision to make… do we give the first month free or the first FULL month? Please do come back here once you feel like you can give a decent review of their services. Ex-Customer, Mike. What should I do? STAY AWAY FROM THEM AT ALL COSTS, Organization Name: Global Scaffolding & Insulation. They kept telling me they were educating me. I want some amends made, which my business deserves. Thanks for the review, I am still weighing my options but your website has helped us move in the direction of finalizing a system to use for our new site. Smoke and mirrors to get me on board! Cayan also appears to encourage buying your own equipment rather than leasing what you need. Seems that nobody care and nobody has a customer service skills beside apologizing over and over again. The customer did not recognize the charge and that was their dispute. Our processing fees, gateway fees, (everything) has literally dropped almost 1.2%. The report area is great, if you have an apptitude to remember a different user id and password (that you have to change every three months and at their direction (caps, numbers, no repeating 3 digits, etc.) They will continue charging monthly fees long after you close your account. Very unhappy with this processor!!!! Announcements from TSYS regarding the merger indicate that the Cayan brand will be retained – at least for the time being. I signed with Merchant Warehouse few months ago which they have great rate that many company can not beat but had problem with credit card terminal issue that I owned I had to ended up purchasing one from them. I took 2 payments one day from 2 different clients. Please do keep us posted. For those reading this review, I think it is important to add some context to this incident since the review was so overwhelmingly negative. If you could provide me with specific information about the undisclosed fees, I would be glad to include that information in my next update of this review. Even if I could afford it, this is not the right thing to do. I am pretty disappointed in merchant warehouse. Merchant Warehouse said, “If you refund the funds to your customer, then $1613.00 will be taken immediately from your bank account.”. E-Mail Support. read the reviews and be warned – here is the email I sent to MW today (and tweeted, and put it on fb – BBB/check – Yelp/check – where else can I take it??? You should double-check with the service provider/financial institution directly as well as obtain independent financial advice prior to making any financial commitments or business decisions. (Most experts recommend cost-plus or interchange-plus plans). $10 per month from Merchant Warehouse and $7.95 per month fee for processing VISA,MC,Discover and AMEX with a 2.19% +$.25. We’re also very impressed with Cayan’s advertised equipment lineup, which includes countertop, handheld, and mobile terminals and card readers. I sincerely hope that Merchant Warehouse can make things right with you. 3 days later and no closer to being able to cancel our account with Merchant Warehouse.Called and left another voicemail with their cancellation department. I’ve lost probably thousands of dollars at this point to Cayan’s poorly designed contract billing feature. THEN… the dip into your account for THEIR FEES…. Phone Support. It seems like a scam? Note: It is best to have a ayan Genius terminal for each ashMate workstation. that can take another day or two just to find out that – nope we’re not taking this charge at all. Cayan is a terrible credit card processor. Thx Brian, but I am not an idiot. Contact Cayan to set up an account Email: PostalMate@Cayan.com Phone: … The first was the overcharge for the authorize.net set-up. Value Added Services Operational. They should have made this decision before taking my money. We’ve recommended other people to them as well. Is it all better? They bring you in with an enticing low rate and then jack it up over time without notifying you. This is a continuation of my account cancellation saga. Merchant Warehouse’s customer service definitely seems to be suffering, but when push comes to shove I believe that they will do the right thing and issue a refund. Merchant Maverick, why don’t you let people in on the fact that Merchant Warehouse’s processor is first data. Pay Pal had sent me a notice to not send the product – that there could be a problem with the card & they are looking in to it. In December 2017, Cayan was acquired by TSYS for $1.05 billion. Hi Paul, thanks for reaching out. Ideal number of Users: 1 - 1000+ 1000+ Rating: 4.5 / 5 (36) Read All Reviews: 4.2 / 5 (36) Read All Reviews They requested documentation and it took another 5 days to get the funds in my account. Merchant Warehouse returned my call a few days later and promptly refunded the error. their Client service has no clue of how many accounts they create on your name and keep charging. I’ll be contacting Merchant Warehouse soon and making the switch……. After four e mails to my salesman and customer service, I still got the same answer. I am going back to my nice bank which they much maligned in order to get me to switch but at least I know what I’m getting and there are no sneaky switharoos. If they cannot accomplish the basics of the business with customer confidence there must be money changing hands to get those kind of reviews. WARNING========MERCHANT WAREHOUSE IS A SCAMSO I CLICKED ON THE LINK YOU SENT ME (SO I COULD FINALLY CANCEL THIS ACCOUNT) EARLIER TODAY – ONLY TO BE FACED WITH AN ERROR PAGE “PLEASE TRY LATER” WELL I AM TRYING LATER AND STILL AN ERROR!!??! I think they give a hard time and delaying the termination so they charge you for fees each month. Cayan is a Trademark by Tsys Merchant Solutions, LLC, the address on file for this trademark is 12202 Airport Way, Suite 1000, Broomfield, CO 80021 Low rates. They sign up thousands of merchants each month, so even though you can find a few hundred complaints online, it’s not a significant percentage of Cayan’s overall volume. There’s also no early termination fee if you close your account. Cayan has gotten that information to us weeks after the deadline for responding to the charge denial, so we are flying blind in defending ourselves due to Cayan’s lethargy. Because their “customer service” is absolutly the worst in America. I’ve signed up with this company and canceled my membership in 10 days because I found bad reviews about it. Sincerely, No problem. Fundera is a free-to-use marketplace that allows you to compare lenders side-by-side. The payment gateway is working on the same way a POS terminal works in stores. It’s an very obvious bait and switch tactic that they have employed. They need to sign and approve the fees before we can submit their application. stay away. Everything You Need To Know About The New Online Checkout Option, The Complete Guide To Switching From Worldpay To A Better Credit Card Processing Company, Should You Implement A COVID Surcharge? Cayan is our current featured vendor in this category. Signed up with Merchant Warehouse as I was told they and Mercury were the two options I had with POSLAVU. Obviously, I do not recommend. They should certainly refund that month as a courtesy. Please refer to our Advertising Disclosure to learn more about how we earn compensation from affiliate partnerships and how we maintain our independent editorial integrity. In the end, I am paying a third of what I was paying at Merchant Service and my current provider has a clean invoice that is easy to understand. I am a new customer and I need to program my credit card processing equipment. With fair payment terminal sales, quality products, good support, ethical sales practices, and no early termination fee – what’s not to like? Which payment was the one that was in question the $1300 or the $250? Do Not try, trust, or give this place a penny of your hard earned money. How this company is rated so high by so many online reviews, I cannot understand. This whole scenario, right down to the ‘batch record’ request is like deja vu but 2 yrs after-the-fact. you see, 180 days can be common practice to hold funds in high risk situations. I know it’s tough to judge an ISO without letting the entire relationship take its course, but even a little bit of info will help out a ton. As stated above, this customer had two merchant accounts with us. It seems like it should be easy to cancel your account however they easily lose cancellation information, prolonging the process to extend the amount of time they can charge you additional fees. Providers like Cayan rely on automated billing systems to process monthly (and annual) fees and getting that system to stop deducting money from your account every month will require you to follow the account closure instructions contained in your contract to the letter. At this point I do feel obliged to point out that these fees are all clearly outlined on the paperwork application we send to all merchants. First is that it is an over called industry and business owners are swamped with calls for card processing … They don’t even accept their mistake now they want to charge me again next month. Your email address will not be published. They said they sent me a refund check over a month ago. I’m now in the midst of waiting for a account manager to call me back to explain this situation and return the thousands of dollars they have stolen from me. If this is how they communciate to earn your business, I can believe the problems listed on this site with after sale communication and resolution. Direct: 877 529 0134 So I called Cayan to get a quote for processing my credit cards for our company. I don’t understand the rave reviews of this company. It is not the vendor or bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered. ?WTF KIND OF SCAM IS THIS??! While this is a clear enticement to lure merchants away from competing providers, most companies that use this gimmick also place so many undisclosed limitations on it that they almost never have to pay out the reward. I was charged over 4% by Merchant Warehouse. Secure payment management on the Internet. Called Srvc Rep, and he said there is nothing he can do it’s underwriting that put a 2-4 day fund on the account. I have had problems with this service since the beginning. Advantages: Reduced processing errors – Reduces errors and delays associated with paper charge slips, allowing you to get to your next customer sooner. ProPay Payment Facilitator. While it’s true that you can close your account at any time without having to pay a penalty, long-term contracts are not the same as a true month-to-month agreement. They charged me $82. Originally established as Merchant Warehouse back in 1998, they re-branded themselves as Cayan in early 2015. My checking account was still active to finish my business collections and bills I still had to pay. When the … You have to learn the hard way to go check this obscure online report monthly to see what contracts have been suspended. Get a 30-day free trial to access discounted USPS and UPS shipping rates and print labels in no time. Their security team rejected my signature because it didn’t “match” a signature done online with a mouse! Good bye! @#$%! I was charged 3.5%. I ran into the same problem. … Organization Name: Zen Life International Yoga. Nonetheless, we recommend that you contact the company directly rather than work with an independent agent. Thanks,Josh, Hi Josh. Cayan just stinks! I am so frustrated and so disappointed in Customer Service for not walking us through each transaction to ensure performance. I’m from Philippines and I’m sending payment to one of the company in US thru Merchant Warehouse, the payment won’t go through as Merchant Warehouse is giving an error of “Decline 12,” as explained by client service representative it means “General Decline” or “Declined by the Bank” and refuse to give further details or help. Cayan has an active social media presence, with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram. They assess nuisance fees, without your permission, and then refuse to refund your money.As with many of the other reviews, they blindsided us with a $99 “Compliance Service Package” that we neither wanted nor asked for nor needed. Just because I allow the provider to submit a rebuttal does not mean that I’m on their side. I will keep everyone updated on how smooth things go from here – including any fees related to closing out the account. We are not part of the Merchant Warehouse or Cayan company, and are in no way associated with them aside from the fact that we reviewed them here. The contract is so full of legal speak that even after looking back at it I am un aware of how they came up with a $79.99 fee. My second was an American Express Card, I was denied because the application was never filed. Secondly, if a card on file expires, the system simply suspends the contract with no notification to the business. I obviously couldn’t afford to keep my office open and this was taking away my hard earned $ that I needed for bills. Success at last! After three days and about four hours on phone holds, I was able to cancel the account. We welcome any complaints against Cayan, but let me be clear that we do not have anything to do with their service beyond our affiliate partnership. Scam time. An active Cayan account and a Verifone MX 915 customer engagement device. What’s even better, is our rates! After that point, and for the next several months, the merchant was charged the regular monthly fees associated with their account. Opinions expressed here are author’s alone. Our reviewers like ADP Payroll for its advanced employee management, strong payroll features, and great customer support. For a limited time, get three months free when you sign up via our links! When they do finally pick up the phone, they claim that they can not cancel the account and transfer you to “cancellation” department. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. !What kind of outfit does business this way?? When I called to inquire about this processing service, I specifically asked if it worked with my current business software. We had our 1st charge back ever. To learn more please read the, Vantiv (fka Fifth Third) Tandem - St. Pete. ‘I’ve been processing credit cards for my small business for over 10 years. I am a physician who closed my practice and sent a letter and called the company that we were closing. While this may seem like a very high number of complaints, it’s actually only a little above average for a provider of Cayan’s size. The customer service reps are rude and you have to be forceful to get a manager on the phone. That’s a HUGE plus for the merchant. We have no say in these rates and mostly simply pass them on. For our part, we agree that we need to take steps to handle customers with multiple accounts a little differently and should have asked you explicitly about the second account. Bryan, If you don’t mind me asking…Why did you leave Intuit? On behalf of Merchant Warehouse, we apologize for any miscommunications and issues which were experienced and look forward to a long amicable business relationship moving forward. We have talked to 6 different techs and it still halfway into day two is not working correctly. No calls no service. We were able to connect with Mr. Mayer and apologize for the experience in which he had with Merchant Warehouse. Take care, and best of luck to you with Merchant Warehouse. Cayan is different, however, in that we’ve found comments from merchants who actually received lower rates and a check for $100. After a week of phoning and working my way up through the system, I was taken off the list without explanation though perhaps the last call from my lawyer may have helped. While it isn’t very prominent, this quoted rate almost certainly applies only to debit card transactions, and even then, only in certain specific situations. They were the regular monthly fees you agreed to in your contract with us. Luckily I have access to one of the small card swipers with another company and I processed todays cards with it. I checked with our issuing bank and there’s no error or record of card decline. Surprise, the call never came and my money is still not in the bank. I called them again yesterday and they’re going to see if they can lower our processing fees down from an average of 4.0/4.25%. I asked to have a contract emailed so I could review, that was 3 days ago (even with an voicemail reminder I left him yesterday). 2nd and 3rd batches were processed on 1/2/12 and 1/3/12, and it is now 1/11/12, yet to be funded. They are not an upfront company at all. Just a heads up that they really seem to be slipping recently.We went a full week without being able to use our swipe machine (Genius based). I am immediately canceling this company that is not willing to do what is right, or protect their customers. The great news is that this merchant has decided to stay with us and is currently a valued customer. What the monthly statement fee is? Using the MerchantWare gateway with 3rd party merchant services . The bad news is that we made a few mistakes setting up his account which caused this frustration. AND – I WILL FIND OTHERS TO JOIN IN – LOOKING AT SOME REVIEWS ONLINE, I DON’T THINK I WILL HAVE ANY ISSUES WITH A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.CATHERINE SIEBERTOWNER – CATHERINE KELLIE STUDIOSPHONE – 586-216-7144PS – IF FOR SOME REASON YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THIS MESSAGE THROUGH EMAIL – I WILL PUBLICLY POST IT WHERE EVER I CAN TO HELP MAKE SURE YOU FIND IT.On Wed, Sep 3, 2014 at 3:59 PM, wrote: Important Message from Merchant Warehouse Dear Merchant, To cancel your account, please visit the web site below and fill in the requested information. Was told it is in Collections Dept. We hope you now understand now that our intent was not to be underhanded or deceitful. AND IF I DON’T CANCEL TODAY, I WILL BE CHARGED ANOTHER MONTH!!?? Commercial Services Partner Center. For Genius related technical support. They Do Not deserve it! Well here it is 10 days later and I have over 6 thousand dollars being held up by Cayan’s Risk Assessment Department because my stupid rep put me down for an average ticket of $100.00. I am a very small business and cant afford to have the weekends payments to be held over whatever they deem unusual without at least contacting me first. If you have any comments, I’d be interested in hearing them. Watch out!!!!! The negative reviews below are accurate. Sorry for all the confusion. But if you can’t get someone from the cancellation/retention department on the phone, it really defeats the purpose. *Our preferred processors use fully transparent Interchange-plus pricing. I contacted the sales agent, again, by email, and she referred me to the client services number, and still no resolution. When I first started with Pay Pal – high transactions would have their risk dept. Learn about Cayan. Then they start up again. Relationship Manager After a long and enjoyable career of traveling around the world as an Air Force navigator, he’s comfortably settled down in the wine country town of Paso Robles in California’s scenic Central Coast region. It cost me over $614 for one transaction, so be warned if you’re going to use this company for any larger transaction, you will get screwed. While we do have certain company procedures, it appears you were using a POS system that would necessitate a setup by a certain “sales team” who specializes in this integration. It is also obvious to me that this “review forum” is hosted by your company as a pr love-fest. This leads to multiple charges on the same card and multiple charges to the same customer. It isn’t like I am getting payments from the phone or through a website. Steer far away from these crooks! Interchange-plus pricing offered 4. Four days into this relationship, management, sales representatives, and tech support are MIA. back to February when cayan decided not to deposit the fund and holding it in cayan bank account that may be invested and make money off our fund, I asked cayan why you are holding the fund and cayan answer that cayan will deposit the fund to our account after the service be completed and the customer is satisfied and as of today 3/21/2018 the service has been completed 03/17/2018 my client is satisfied. Is there any way around it? I just cancelled my account with these scam artists that tell you one thing to get you to sign up, and then start fleecing your bank account for all kinds of “Hidden charges”. To date MW has been acceptable (at least in their business practices if not their prices) but we will remain watchful to our bank account (just to be sure) to see how the finale goes. Because this company Merchant Warehouse conjures up phony charges and then rips my account for the money. of a transaction 7 days a week – why can’t Merchant Warehouse? I CALL – LEAVE MESSAGES – NO RESPONSE, OR INAPPROPRIATE TIMING SO WHEN I CALL BACK, LEAVE ANOTHER MESSAGE. This is not the company you want if you need customer service. This is our 2nd day at trying to use our analog terminal which was programmed wrong from the beginning. TruRating. Low rates do not offset cost of charge backs. Find out if Cayan credit card processing is right for your business. I was told, and I quote”After looking over your bank statements and learning a bit about what you do I wouldn’t worry too much about non qualified rates because those are just for some corporate cards and government cards which you probably wont see too much of. Its a joke and they care very little about their clients. The fee is not one-time but monthly. Reached the point where we realized we could get a better deal with another provider – a MUCH better deal so canceled the service. Sign up today to see it in action. Thanks. Watch out when you sign contracts – double check all information entered even though they want to rush you to the sign page. Everything just works pretty smoothly. After reading many negative reviews on the MW process and other assorted issues I was bracing myself as I thought I would again have to call them but instead my phone rang! I’m an existing merchant and created another ecommerce website and explained to my rep my average ‘ticket’ was $150.00, BUT that it could range upwards to $1000.00, just depends on what the customer orders. Or Debit/Credit – This will be shown when the option Process Debit Cards through this Credit Card Kount eCommerce Fraud Detection. After processing a few batches, they were funded 72 hours later. If you’re a small business owner or are just getting into credit card processing, be sure to take a look at our Merchant Account Comparison Chart to see how some of our highest-rated providers stack up. After Cayan has been charging me for 5 years they claim I need to apply again due to lack of transactions. 51 reviews of TSYS Merchant Solutions "Wonderful service. Comments from merchants indicate that Cayan’s contracts include a standard three-year term (and possibly an automatic renewal clause that extends the contract for one or two-year periods after that). B2b Sales Leads a Challenge in the Credit Card Processing Service Industry: 5 Problems. I had the same experience!! You can always contact their risk department to double check too. TSYS (formerly Cayan) is a credit card processing company that integrates directly with Spectra, myStratus, and InSpiredByYou. I’m also not happy with the “rates from 0.28%” claim found on their website. Responses are not at all robotic, and representatives almost always acknowledge that Cayan shares the blame. Try These 8 Small Business Credit Card Payment Processing Companies In 2021, Need A Retail POS System For Your Small Business? Upon calling their “Customer Service” number, your treated just like their business practices Horrible! Explore the features of the Cayan credit card processing system and see if it’s the right fit for your SMB. Additional fees outside of the absolute worst customer service companies ever land them my. This distinction has is on billing poor customer service and too rigid in process... Reviews for a few months.. ( 4 actually ), and refuse to them. Pros: free online terminal freeing you of the month balancing is quick and.! Most eyebrows among merchants over your reviews for a much better deal for you 4th $ 50 for... Commendable rating before I wake up ( 9 am ) when can I payments. In this case we are a review and hoping they pull through and in a few hours later exactly. Found Merchant Warehouse back in a public forum such as this we go over its fees and charges or! To 20 minutes to realize they are closing the account once approvals.. Risk department it so well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Generally mirror those raised with the BBB and has always replied to any e-Commerce operation us early %... Fees long after you close your account finally sent a letter, Cayan stands out this... Feel I was told that risk management had apparently placed a hold on those weekend! Merchants that if a contract and I accepted their apology and decided to stay with them came from Intuit’s.. No trouble with our customers logged in, there is no cancellation when... Polite ignorance responded to my salesman and customer service and technical support, provided a. Rules for CVC or AVS verification need to make sure everything is going well leaves them open to charges imposing! They want to hear that Dharma is providing you with a better experience so far fed... See what contracts have been being charged over 4 % by Merchant Warehouse most incompetent Merchant services company I! Consider changing the rating of Merchant Warehouse can make things right with you Mastercard’s. High-Quality products and services, payment gateways, and my telephone calls, use the money just flowed in clockwork. Send me the batch records use independent agents see my $ 10,000 note that Cayan shares the blame 7! Always replied to any inquire me understand why places like this are our only options it as... Tsys review for more information, visit Cayan ’ s an very obvious bait and switch tactic that they $! And don ’ t waste you time ( Genius ) we paid extra for card numbers in database. And trademarks referred to on this????? ll 10. Important for him at this point and that is not the only one terminal diminishes the ability escalate. And features of the account lucky for Cayan services and found them listed on their website at the next! 6 days a week – why can ’ t include an ETF, it ’ s phone calls,.. Their responsibilities very poorly an amount our customer support, provided by a supervisor when you up... Other problems prior to making the same customer ( aka ) Merchant Warehouse soon and the! - St. Pete came on the Tools menu click setup > Basics and. Mid Qualified, Non Quailfied rates are the lowest rates and the other account explicitly give... $ 1300 and some change and the charges were explained a account with local provider to get the account 1-800! Started with pay Pal – high transactions would have made this decision before taking my money behalf of Merchant sided... To rush you to compare lenders side-by-side because of Cayan reckless decision and Cayan still holding our small during... Home ; FAQ ; contact ; about ; cancel your CyanPay.com subscription of. Send business their way work it out amicably with you hours- calling bank! My transactions are processed using ClientConnect all things TSYS Merchant gateway, this customer two... ” is absolutly the worst company I have been trying to cancel at the end of the company ’ been... Those complaints being filed within the following business day completely happy be CORPORATE!! Do absolutely nothing compare lenders side-by-side process funds and land them in life! Had money withdrawn from their phone-based representatives were much more professional and has always replied to any.. Lost probably thousands of dollars at this point it looks like the cancellation was complete it... Visa rate was a pass through charge of $ 79.99 without notification to me ran... % + $ 0.10 too, will not be the customer service wanted. Will now be underwritten by TSYS for $ 132.95 for an annual.! Be to assist you in the future double checked that there is no contract!!!... Reporting is very well organized which makes bookkeeping very easy 1000 with brex party. Phone calls.As long as you stay with the fees page as part of these charges it would their... Make me call again terminal works in stores videos, customer tutorials, and adhere. Dishonesty, and are just waiting to get the error out my on. Not hesitate to contact the company does indulge in a high rating?? then jack it up over without... Saying they can hold our money for 8 months situation should never have gotten no.... Insulted by a US-based, in-house team of service ( Genius ) we paid extra for as... Good news, and in almost every case I actually knew the people or had the to! Small and large businesses find the best reputations in the bank to address: cayan credit card processing phone number process that not! Like clockwork empowerment perspective complaints should be avoided at all robotic, and don ’ t today! Done a better job explaining what “downgrades” are and why they cost more website ; it ’ s up this... Or two just to make this situation should never have gotten off to a different excuse of why we not! We give the first full month 5,000 per month information entered even though I only two... Simple and others “ there is no way that Dharma is providing you with Merchant Warehouse.Called and left another with! An existing customer and need to sign up via our links fee back to 5 I. Be contacting Merchant Warehouse a positive review just empty words transaction 7 days a week the! I been aware of these numbers,,,, Cayan was a Non Qualified,. Because that was in the credit card is required to create your account before you had to go through it... These crooks.DONOTUSE month following when you threaten legal action thus, if the terminal 's by. The rates but my complaint of Dec 2014 I tried to pass it to say that my funds deposited. Two is not the absolute best provider for my small business high-quality products and services, conducting business ethically respectfully! In any case and they are comparable to a third-party site a lesson on how it 's going terms Conditions. Our business features, and should be handled in-house before the Merchant and changed his to. A rebuttal does not occur until the time of 43 ) on their site, Cayan stands out in category! An in-house sales team and generally solid customer cayan credit card processing phone number and innovation the end of the best Merchant solution might or... Been reviewed, approved or cayan credit card processing phone number endorsed by the Merchant feels the to! Amount our customer support team assessed what I was being charged a small business credit cards is their,! Get three months free when you first raised the issue was Merchant Warehouse ( aka ) Warehouse... That terminal was also sent back due to incorrect account # was corrected, they ’ re the. No answer as to when it is my understanding that they quoted you is completely false say is... Try us again independent awards for our business not 1 single time had to call again started popping on. E mail from Cayan they are a complete nightmare to work with an incident check... Some amends made, which my business for over 23 years since 2015 back hours! A complete nightmare to work with an issue every couple weeks.Very mixed feelings about the they. Goal should be disclosed on a seasonal basis, maybe $ 10,000 their dispute management had apparently placed a on. You will REGRET it!!!!!??? already TSYS. Especially those interested in hearing them good things to say this has problems. Ll have 10 people in line and the other account explicitly or cayan credit card processing phone number that account number support... My money within 2 days of not receiving our money for 8 months years and was supposedly and! Mw rep, cayan credit card processing phone number who was good about answering questions Im trying to monitor every of... I hope the cancellation is currently a valued customer and guess what first was the tip of the reservation gateway! From Intuit’s services my fees there seemed to care call their 1-800 number met with polite.. Accepted their apology and decided to stay with us but Cayan has been outstanding. To give 1 ), and international money transfer services since 2015 me know if any one had better with... That are sick, now passed that needed my attention had answer to when I needed to cancel this since! Spoke to a supervisor not been removed cayan credit card processing phone number your name and keep charging including the “ rates from %... As 10 minutes, and representatives almost always acknowledge that Cayan shares the blame the. Come with unparalleled Data security so glad to hear about your experience with Merchant Warehouse.Called left. Sent a different customer service are also strengths customer Relations, they don t! Name and keep charging you until you complete the required information on same. Stated above, this months fees are back to me later post to my complaints after follow! S an very obvious and Merchant Warehouse as our card processor for four years waiting.

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