Eventually, could Kirby overpower Goku? There's a lot of similarities in power when it comes to Bayonetta, Kratos, and Dante. Or atleast Vegeta for a fusion? Tanking a planet-destroying attack is not a substantial feat in the DBZ universe. She has black hair and has pigtails. Whether you think Dante would lose against Goku or not, are you even considering you being the one who controls Dante? A morph gun that happens to have an attachment that holds a mini nuclear bomb. #Respawn. Maybe not, but he can easily beat him by exploiting a fatal flaw in Goku's fight history. For this entry to make perfect sense, you'd have to take into account that anything Mario touches while in star mode stops breathing. Dreams do exist in a verse. We don't know. Cloud. They may also refer to photographs, drawings, trophies—any objects that can be seen as a past event in the present time. They resemble the shape of what a galaxy would look like from that specific viewpoint. Answer. We're all waiting for her debut on the Nintendo Switch. When Sin shows up looking like a giant friendly whale, you know your city is about to get wrecked. There literally is Dream manipulation and a dream world itself. Of all the Jedi and Sith able to be played as in video games, Galen is definitely the most impressive. If you were to go with the idea that Kirby could absorb Goku's power and therefore his strength, don't you think Goku would have met his match? With this in mind, it’s pretty clear he’s superior to Soul of Sectonia, who absorbed the four Miracle Fruits, where Kirby can transform into Big Bang Kirby from their origins, which determines that he’s even higher in that form. We're talking about living beings with brains. Even though it appears he's aging rapidly. Summary. Goku weighs roughly 62kg, yeah seriously somehow Goku only weights 136 lbs even though he has the muscle mass to rivial Arnold Schwawnneger at his prime ..Anyways, accelerating at 1,758,782,420.266667m/s crossing 1,000,000,000 m in merely 1.75 Seconds, Goku would’ve burned up over 1.917855673140226e+29 Joules of energy per second or roughly 45 837 850 696 000 … Kirby even with massive wank is galaxy to multi galaxy in power. Kirby scales directly to Void, who is functionally an omniversal scale godhead of pure chaos and infinite possibilities existing in every single reality simultaneously. Goku would win in everything. Game overs result in Kirby simply taking a nap. Kirby is a match for majin Buu in the Buu saga. Akuma is a demon from a very awful place and is all about the martial arts. If we are talking about young Goku, he was able to beat and eat a very large fish at a very young age using his tail fishing technique. But this isn't about MC. In the game, you can't even attack the kids without putting a mod into the game to change the rules. Goku wouldn't stand a chance. He could beat Superman cause he’s just some guy and probably wasn’t the strongest person on krypton I mean can you imagine their olympics or the people they consider To be athletes, Goku is different cause he’s considered to be one of the greatest fighters in the universe and now multiverse So that basically means that Goku would have to input computer mods into his own universe to change the ability to be able to fight these NPCs. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Gaming karma is a real thing. So she's made it to the list. Any anime entry. I can only see Sougo getting an incon, from what I read. We're talking dark demon magic. It seems as though Kirby would probably be able to defeat Goku if you take a look at Kirby's feats. There were no galaxies shown in that Marx fight just some wavy colours. 6 years ago. Has any DBZ character survived a black hole? Games with characters that we've either mastered or had a horrible time defeating the final boss need to be recognized as contenders against Goku. Just because Kirby can't die by Goku's hand doesn't mean that Kirby could kill Goku. Mario turns back into his normal form. His physical strength feats are absurd. Goku would just teleport out of space to some planet. Rules are 2-C and below only and speed is not equal. Wear him down over a long period of time? Goku uses his Destructo disk which slows Mario down. And not just moles, Kirby can also die to many other basic animals that humans, or Goku alike, would never be able to die to. We feel even if Goku destroyed all of Spira, that would be counterproductive and may be ineffective. him if hit enough times. Thanos isn't really a classic video game character. Sin is an all-powerful city destroying force in the game Final Fantasy X. While they may be not present in a universe, nothing states that they can’t possibly exist in an entire verse especially if they are shown. Asked by Ignacio Green. Here's another Final Fantasy bad guy that everyone in this website should know about. He's NEVER able to be killed in his entire series. Lavos is an alien parasite otherwise known as the destroyer of all life. It'd be time to turn it on and turn P. Head off. Also, something I forgot to add in our previous discussion (which you seemed to concede by refraining from continuing to respond): the universal feat behind Marx actually comes from many squiggles, which are galaxies, that are seen at the very beginning of the fight. The Master Sword alone is nothing to be trifled with and with being the manifestation of sealing evil, we think there's some power there. Reply. The prolific talent lent his voice to characters such as Cyclops, Goku and Miroku on various animated shows. Age:200 years old height:8 inch Kirby is the most powerful character in the history he can beat Goku,Saitama,Sonic,Mario and more Lincoln. So as they progress through the story and strengthen, you can start to get a feeling about how they'd handle a real threat. He would actually challenge Goku to a fight if he had the chance. Stay true to Alucard, ya know? mysticmedivh. These villains (if are currently your allies) teamed up to help our pink friend defeat him. Cookies help us deliver our Services. People who've experienced lag know exactly what we're talking about. Here’s why: I’ve explained and stated many times now that Void Termina is the origin and ancestor of the entire Kirby-verse. A good example would be Pokemon. I'll still give him a win because he should be able to outlive Goku, now that I think about it, and Sougo should be capable of escaping Goku's sealing. He fights all sorts of evil bad guys and ends up with loads of powers that would rival most gods of myth and legend. After all, Master Chief has been designated as hyper lethal. Toph. Samus at full strength has so much gear that is beyond most characters in the video game world's power level. Chao is a humangirl who wears a red robe with yellow linings. It is a 4koma anthology book similar to the game done by various artists. We think that a fully unleashed Arceus would at least be able to withstand a few of Goku's attacks and definitely strike back with a few of its own. Yea, I know about that but I'm talking about the anime Goku mainly. It seems as though Kirby would probably be able to defeat Goku if you take a look at Kirby's feats. Goku isn't taking this outside of serious downplay of Kirby. But most of all, we're focusing on the unlimited defensive power of a child NPC in the game Skyrim. Once her suit is set up and filled with all of the power-ups, Samus is possibly the strongest, most capable female video game character. And we think that if Sora can defeat all the enemies he's beaten in life, then he can stick it up to Goku. To learn more about the specific parameters of this automated bot, please read this post. Because the answer isn't never. Maybe Akuma could withstand the full force of Goku, but we're having some serious doubts as to how easy it will be to destroy Goku completely. No one in the Kirby verse has any feats or proper statements that put any character above planetary. With his ability to turn into shadow and torment anyone he's up against, there isn't much that Goku can do to beat him. He's been seen surviving a black hole and not just once. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. Kirby solos. However, Superman can beat Goku in a pure hand fight. We've seen him take planet-sized explosions. Kirby is the main protagonist of the Hoshi no Kirby 3 manga that started in 1999. Try to give at least one reason why you think a person/thing wins a battle or challenge. Kirby and Goku exchange punches several times deflecting each other's attacks until Kirby swings Goku into a tree and picks up his sword and lunges at Goku and two struggle of the sword but Kirby slashes Goku with the sword twice and knocks him into the ground Goku: Your powerful all … He was one of the first four playable characters in SSF2, alongside Mario, Ichigo, and Lloyd. Biased to characters (gaara vs toph, majin buu vs kirby, terminator vs robocop and goku vs superman) reasons why those characters beat those characters 1. We're just saying that's one of his powers in the game. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. We don't really know if Kirby can stand up to the might of Goku, but we'll toss some info your way. There's a pretty good chance him and Goku would start out trading blows but once Goku jumps to another power level, would Akuma keep up. Like every good cosmic horror, I don’t think Kirby can be defeated in the conventional sense. Reply. Oh Kirby is all out of powerups? I also didn't see any plot or conceptual manipulation on his page. So it might be worth it for Goku to wipe him out and not hold back. Alucard has a wide range of attacks, weapons, techniques, and transformations that would certainly be a new battle for Goku. What's Kirby's durability compared to, say, Buu? He's super hard to defeat and he looks really really cool. There's a pretty solid chance that even if Fox had his ship in prime form and condition, that Goku would be able to blast him out of the sky. But other than the super awesome pyramid... helmet... and his giant sword, Pyramid Head may be a bit of a challenge for Goku, but not for long. Goku teleports far away from Mario to avoid getting killed he then becomes SS2 and comes back to fight him. Manga Goku’s Hakai literally erases Kirby from existence. Powers and Stats. Sorry, But after a while, Goku is going to run out of power. How long until the zombies get the edge? Mostly regarding to his durability. Yes Kirby can be killed, but like most hero's directed for child audiences they never die and always find someway out of it. He may be on par with the Greek and Norse Gods. They're stored in another universe that completely dedicated to Kirby's gut. Tifa. Video: Kirby Morrow who provided voices of Cyclops, Goku and Miroku along with many others dies at age 47 Kirby Morrow voices Goku in the Canadian version of the hit anime 'Dragon Ball Z.' After a while, he gets to be incredibly powerful and he even dual wields lightsabers. Why give him so much outside help. Kefka messed up the entire planet by pushing the goddess statues out of line with one another. paulachu Jan 19, 2020. Also, he's partly in the same realm since Akira Toriyama created them both. It’s been stated several times that this corrupted monster is Kirby’s strongest foe yet, and they aren’t biased here. We have to believe that full strength Goku is hard for anyone to defeat, but we've never seen Goku in this realm before. Of all the stats in the games, Arceus has the highest total. 1 Interlude 2 Kirby 3 Majin Buu 4 Death Battle 5 Results 6 Trivia (*Cues: Invader - Jim Johnston*) Wiz: Imagine right now: What does the apocalyptic destroyer of worlds look like? The cops from Crackdown, or agents, are on the strength level of Master Chief at least. The … Now, most likely Goku would be able to wipe out wave after wave of zombies, but we don't think that Goku would be able to survive forever. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Can your main beat Goku in a canon fight?"

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