The Bad Step, Crinkle Crags. Helvellyn beyond High Raise. For something that looked so tame from the valley floor, the scene of volcanic rock and crags and gullies is an intimidating prospect. Smaller versions of these pictures. The picture on the right shows this rock slab in detail. The Bad Step. The path comes into frame on the left and the chockstone is avoided via the Bad Step. Samsung Zoom Automatic - 35-70mm lens. The bypass we describe in the the walk instructions is the recommended The 'Bad Step' on Crinkle Crags is a small scramble alongside two large chockstones that block a gully leading to the summit of Long Top. And there's no need for the climbers amongst you to sit there smirking! From the top of the second Crinkle, follow the path and cairn, with great opportunities for views, over the remaining Crinkles and down to The Three Tarns. The Bad Step on Crinkle Crags, Lake District, Cumbria, England, UK. An alternative path exists around either side (left being the safer) so there is no need to do the scramble to summit the mountain from this direction. google_color_url = "332200"; The only reason should be the weather which can turn quickly and unexpectedly from pleasant spring day back into mid-winter and so catching out the unprepared. If you get to it and don't fancy it, then there is a grassy trod to the left if facing down, which is visible if … A … It curves around to summit cairn of the Second Crinkle (also known as Long Top). An alternative path exists around either side (left being the safer) so there is no need to do the scramble to summit the mountain from this direction. You are now on the ridge and care required at all times. google_ad_height = 90; The second “crinkle” has the Bad Step and it looks pretty daunting, even from a distance. Been over the bad step a few times and most recently downclimbed in the wet. The 2nd and 3rd Crinkles from the 1st and the descent to the Bad Step. Crinkle Crags is a fell in the English Lake District in the county of Cumbria. Wainwrights on this walk: Bowfell (902m), Crinkle Crags (859m), Pike O’Blisco (705m), Cold Pike (701m) Additional summits: Great Knott (696m) Other points of interest: Whorney Side Force, Hell Gill, Climbers Traverse, Bowfell Buttress, Bad Step, Wrynose Fell Yet a crossing of this amazing piece of natural architecture is Crags . A feature known as the "Bad Step" on the highest crinkle is surmountable with care and a little knowledge, or a bypass to the left ascended with ease. Fellwalking. Here are some examples: Walk height profile ... 9 – From Long Top, the path naturally guides you to the Bad Step, a famed declivity which can pose a challenge to some. 18 team members for 4 hours. Wiggle through the yard, firstly right, then left once in the central yard, following the "footpath" signs to the gate. At Three Tarns, bear right to locate and drop down the stone pitched path google_ad_format = "728x90_as"; Having been up and down several times now, I can say that up is much easier than down. note that gradients are usually grossly exaggerated. It is here that the intimidated turn back with the mission unaccomplished. I'm 50, fairly fit, and will be carrying full camping kit. google_color_bg = "FCE4A4"; along and down The Band. No real problems, good footholds, and decent handholds if you remember to keep your hands low. The 'Bad Step' on Crinkle Crags is a small scramble alongside two large chockstones that block a gully leading to the summit of Long Top. Approaching the first crinkle the immediate hurdle is a short gully climb at the top of which turn right and continue climbing. The picture on the left shows the gully from its entrance, with the chockstone blocking progress and the rock slab, known as the Bad Step, on the right of the gully. The well-marked path skirts the Bad Step by going leftwards and then up to the summit cairn. Gt Langdale. NY269058. Bowfell and Crinkle Crags should be high on every fell walker’s list. Park at the National Trust car park beside the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel at the far western end of the B5343. Direct approaches are rebuffed by steep rock buttresses and the horrors Looking back to the 1st and 2nd from the 3rd! The work we do on this web site, both researching and writing up walks, takes a lot of our time but doesn't make us a great deal of money. The picture on the left shows the gully from its entrance, with the chockstone blocking progress and the rock slab, known as the Bad Step, on the right of the gully. We decided (like most people on the ridge that day) to avoid the Bad Step and take the alternate way around which is quite eroded but easy. The drag gained us over 500 metres in height in less than 2 miles and soon after Great Knott which can easily be mistaken as one of the Crinkle Crags the going got much easier. Walk 3508 : The Crinkle Crags from Wrynose Pass. Continue along the track, bear left at the bottom of The Band to drop down to a gate. Go through onto the rough track. Despite all of the information I read online, I somehow ended up descending Crinkle Crags down the Bad Step! There is not one route but many options as people fan out to try different lines. Standing on the rock step, one third of the way up the frame in the centre, one can grasp an excellent handhold on the top of the right-hand slab. Crinkle Crags by name and nature, a rugged jumble of shattered rocky towers on a ridge set across the head of Oxendale at the far end of the Langdale valley. Normally I’m fine down climbing but it really had me flummoxed. It's a bit like going to the dentist's for a check-up and finding there's no work to be done. If you like this walk then why not try one of our other nearby walks: Unless otherwise stated the text in this walk is the copyright of Hug Solutions Ltd trading as The Hug and the photographs are the copyright of Elizabeth Oldham. Crinkle Crags . a breather on this steep section. Crinkle Crags - The Approach to the Bad Step. - read all about it in The Wainwright Companion . At the cairn at the bottom, bear left and follow the path round. These are walker's pages! Previous Image Next Image Walk Description. This is easily followed along the ridge, and then crinkle. Cross the outfall from Red Tarn, and continue climbing on the path heading of scree. Walk c108 Crinkle Crags from The Old Dungeon Ghyll, Great Langdale. Standing tall and proud at the western end of Great Langdale is a series of dramatic buttresses, scree gullies and gnarled, rocky peaks known as Crinkle Crags. A couple become disorientated and lost having tried to avoid the Bad Step on Crinkle Crags. Bad Step. westwards for Great Knott and the mossy boglands between it and the first Hill data is derived from Database of British and Irish hills which is licensed under a As google_color_text = "996600"; If you need accommodation we have details of 13 properties offering rooms near the start of this walk. Cross the footbridge, bear right, and in 50m (55 yards) or so bear left on the Nelson....the ultimate scrambler!! In 50m (55 yards) as the road turns 90° left, go straight ahead through the gate on to the tarmac driveway to Stool End Farm. route for walkers. 6 Comment(s) Comments. Location. for the second and highest you cannot help but notice the gully View all tagged images - In Browser. The name reflects the fell's physical appearance as its summit ridge is a series of five rises and depressions that are very distinctive from the valley floor. Hiking Nature trips Walking Bird watching Views Wildflowers. Stagecoach run a bus service through the valley from Ambleside. The Bad Step is a deep declivity in the side of Long Top, Crinkle Crags' summit, and requires an awkward scramble to get up it. Once you've done it you'll wonder what all the fuss was about. Steep drops abound to catch out the unwary. Climbing alongside Browney Gill the gradient eases a little, and the rock is stained red. Looking towards Crinkle Crags from The Band. Superb fell walking on a superb ridge. Ahead of you is the second Crinkle, the most direct path takes in the Bad Step (7) which involves some easy scrambling. google_color_link = "332200"; I have descended this step a very long time ago but can't really remember the details. Votes 12 . In dry conditions this can be more aptly called 'two puddles and a muddy patch'. Even today the path across the crinkles is intermittent at times, little more than crampon scratches and smoothed rock from the passage of boots over rough edges to give the game away. This walk takes you to the top of the following hills: White Stones - The Band, Shelter Crags North Top, Shelter Crags, Great Knott, Crinkle Crags South Top, Crinkle Crags - Third Crinkle, Crinkle Crags - Long Top, Crinkle Crags - Gunson Knott, and Crinkle Crags - Fourth Crinkle; and includes 1 Wainwright, 8 Birketts, 5 Nuttalls, 3 Hewitts, and 1 HuMP. If descending when icy, the top of the block is a bit slippy but in my opinion not a major drama if careful. Please use the "Buy walk in Adobe/PDF format to print or for your phone or tablet" link on the walk page to do that. It is not a difficult scramble but is very steep (near verticle) and only a couple of metres of any real exposure. A few weeks ago. //-->. With Stew carrying a lot of camera gear and me with my old knees we decided to … This is the section known as the “Bad Step” and leads up on to Long Top. Incident Type. The views from here are wonderful – to the north west are … It forms part of two major rings of mountains, surrounding the valleys of Great Langdale and Upper Eskdale. The steep and loose zigzag path climbing ahead to Bowfell is an obvious reminder you have reached the end of the crinkles ridge. Man Hours . Length 7.9 mi Elevation gain 3008 ft Route type Loop. Caption - The Bad Step on the Second Crinkle. A modest walk in distance terms, but one not to be underestimated. I believe the trick is finding a small knuckle of polished rock to give you the first leg up before the rest becomes more straight forward. Learn about Crinkle Crags in Cumbria, United Kingdom. Hand and footholds should then leap out at you and a plan can be hatched. The path swoops down to a dip before the impressive sight of the second crinkle rises ahead of you. Similarly a couple of young lads ahead of me had to give up and skirt to the left and down the grassy slope (as in the runners photo). Search within these images: Looking towards Crinkle Crags from The Band by Graham Robson for square NY2504. Your eye sketches out the path until it appears to culminate at a huge wall of rock. Deep snow and the path to the 3rd and 4th Crinkles. Views are a good enough reason to halt for zigzags to the cairn, and bear right, then right again to the summit cairn - the Wainwright of Crinkle Crags. - Check out Tripadvisor members' 282 candid photos and videos of Bowfell and Crinkle Crags Bad … They made good progress and were located descending The Band. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. They phoned for help and were given directions and advice. - Check out Tripadvisor … He was treated and stabilised by team members and evacuated a short distance to a waiting RAF helicopter. Other tags: place:Crinkle Crags Showing images tagged with Crinkle Crags tag. There is another cairn above the crags of the Bad Step if you wish to visit that too. Crinkle Crags (Long Top) with the infamous 'Bad Step' (just below centre) from Crinkle Crags (South Top) Photo: Tim Hope (112) Crinkle Crags - The second Crinkle - Crinkle Crags (Long Top) and the third Crinkle - Gunson Knott from the first Crinkle - Crinkle Crags (South Top) From the summit cairn turn round and bear right to head slightly east of north, follow the path down on to the rest of the ridge. TrotOn on 06/11/17 @ 21:15 said: Catherine: Cracking comment Spring on 14/11/17 @ 10:00 said: There is no such thing as a bad step for our Nelson! Friday, 29 April, 2011 - 16:00. If you have already purchased the walk then you if you are logged in you can find it in your rucksack (link top right on any page) in a format suitable for printing. OS Grid Reference. Description. Use back button to return to the photo gallery lists. google_ad_type = "text_image"; This is the awesome sight presented to the walker descending the first Crinkle: there's a vertiginous drop on the right into Great Cove, and the enormous chockstone in the gully appears to block all progress. Reaching the junction of paths at the top of the pass, turn right. Crinkle Crags and Bowfell from Great Langdale is a 7.9 mile loop trail located near Ambleside, Cumbria, England that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. easily within the capabilities of any reasonably fit walker. The main way we fund this work is by selling our walks as PDFs for printing. Crinkle Crags avoiding the Bad Step. The path from here goes up through that gully, you can see that there is a little bit of a climb in it, that's called The Bad Step. I was on Crinkle Crags yesterday, and I’ve previously only done the bad step once going up (which was no drama). google_ad_width = 728; The Bad Step is a gully that is blocked by a large boulder (or chockstone) – to get around it requires a pull up to the right hand-side. Long Top, the summit of Crinkle Crags. Man Hours. One route I'm considering involves descending Crinkle Crags to the south. There's a good foothold to the left of the facing slab and a reasonable one for the right foot to help on the way up. Attempting an inviting scree gully to descend from bad weather is not recommended. Walk Photo 350810. At some point in my descent I missed the path that takes in Pike of Blisco. Drop into the farmyard and bear right, then left to the tarmac driveway. Follow the road along the edge of the fields, and eventually into the farm yard. Dog walkers should always take the bypass. Crinkle Crags - The Bad Step. Incident Type. It has five very rough summits, ... HellGill,Climbers Traverse,Wavering on the Crinkly Bad Step! A note about the Bad Step. you do note the Bad Step and spot the bypass on the terrace to the left. The Bad Step is in the cleft middle-right. Note the walkers on the bypass to the left. the footbridge over Oxendale Beck just a little further on. Climb up This is the Bad Step.