He is a former member of the Amestrian State Military until he deserted the army after the Ishval Civil War. 106] Despite his crimes against humanity, Kimblee is a gentleman outside of fighting and sees the world in a much more simplistic manner. 33 ep. She transcribes the entirety of his research for them, earning enough pay to last her a year for her troubles. 39] Riza specializes in firearms, particularly sniper rifles, and can hit nearly any target with lethal accuracy.[ch. 3 In the second series, she is voiced by Megumi Takamoto in Japanese,ep. 39] Arakawa remarks that she enjoys drawing Barry and wanted to expand his character after dismissing her original intent to have him killed off in the 5th Laboratory's destruction. Riza and Roy seem to share a close relationship as she identifies him as her most precious person.[ch. Edward now employs the use of metal prosthetics, known as automail (機械鎧(オートメイル), ōtomeiru), as replacement limbs. A former serial killer, he became a human test subject in the military's alchemical experiments and, in lieu of execution, had his disembodied soul bound to a suit of armor, similar to Alphonse Elric. Scar (.mw-parser-output ruby>rt,.mw-parser-output ruby>rtc{font-feature-settings:"ruby"1;font-size:85%}.mw-parser-output ruby.large{font-size:250%}.mw-parser-output ruby.large>rt,.mw-parser-output ruby.large>rtc{font-size:50%}傷の男 (スカー), Sukā, literally "the scarred man") is one of the survivors of the Ishbalan Extermination Campaign,[ch. 86][ch. Although they are brothers, their souls are bound to the same armor, the older brother to the helmet, the younger brother to the rest of the armor. 1 Biografia 1.1 Przeszłość 1.2 Teraźniejszość 2 Charakterystyka 2.1 Wygląd 2.2 Osobowość 3 Ciekawostki 4 Galeria Barry był kiedyś prostym rzeźnikiem, który lubił siekać mięso zwierząt takich jak krowy i świnie. 51 He appears again in Conqueror of Shamballa, in which he battles against Gluttony so that Al can use them both as sacrifices to open the Gate of Truth. Pride can destroy or manipulate anything that his shadow comes into contact with, see anything through his shadow, possess the bodies of others by repressing their connections to their respective souls, and gain the physical traits of whomever he eats, such as Gluttony's appetite and sense of smell.[ch. He tricks the king into creating a country-wide transmutation circle for the creation of a Philosopher's Stone, whose necessary ingredient is the souls of several living human beings. 95, 97] Her most loyal soldiers include Miles (マイルズ, Mairuzu), who is a quarter Ishbalan, remaining in the military with the hope to someday change the country's perception of Ishbal; and Buccaneer (バッカニア, Bakkania), a large, heavyset man who has been shown with two different pieces of automail in the series.[ch. He was once a simple butcher living in Central City, but when he grew bored of chopping up animals, decided to butcher his wife and found he loved the sensation and followed by … Because of this, he betrays the homunculi, as working to feed Father's greed would deprive Greed of his own greedy desires. Most of them have praised their development in the story as well as Arakawa's artwork. "[8] Rob Bricken, in his list of Top 11 most evil anime villains of all time, he ranks Father as #2, saying that his deed of sacrificing a whole country to simply absorb the power of God is "a feat as arrogant as it is evil," and that "he's more than willing to kill his own children, the Homunculi, in order to achieve his ends."[9]. 87] Her Japanese voice actress is Nana Mizuki and her English voice actress is Trina Nishimura.ep. He harbors a sharp sensitivity to his short height; a recurring gag in both manga and the anime series is for Edward to overly react to people who call him short.[ch. Though Tucker succeeds in recreating Nina's human body using the philosopher's stone in Alphonse's body, he loses his remaining sanity when he discovered that the Nina doll was without a soul.ep. Father manages to restrain his sacrifices and so he can gather enough souls into his body from Amestris's people to absorb the trans-dimensional entity beyond the Gate which he called "God" (神, Kami). He settled down in a small country town where he uses his stones to heal the sick. Brosh is voiced by Masao Harada in the Japanese version of the first series, Yuki Hayashi in the second, and Jim Foronda in the English dubs of both series.ep. 28 and by Troy Baker in the English dub.ep. He confronts the Elric brothers one final time, but Scar uses his destructive alchemy to tear Barry's armour in half. 108]. 50 Hohenheim is captured in Conqueror of Shamballa by the Thule Society to be used as a catalyst for the portal to Amestris. 92] He typically chooses to be indifferent and is extremely reluctant to care about anyone or anything. She uses this ability during her introduction to infiltrate Alphonse Elric's hollow armor body and control it from the inside. He is overly formal, causing some of his comrades to wish he would lighten up. Barry, the Chopper is a minor antagonist in the anime series, Fullmetal Alchemist. While trying to revive their mother, the brothers lost parts of their bodies, with Alphonse's soul being contained in a suit of armor, and Edward replacing his right arm and left leg with two sets of automail, a type of advanced prosthetic limb. For years, he continued his disturbing practice without the authorities ever gaining a lead on him. 22. 33 while her English voice actress is Stephanie Young. Barry encounters Alphonse when he and Edward infiltrate the lab, psychologically torturing him to get an advantage before escaping when the lab is destroyed.[ch. [3] In the Japanese series he is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara, and in the English dub by Sonny Strait.ep. Truth is a mysterious being that lives on another plane of existence. May is particularly skilled in alkahestry by using throwing knives (鏢, hyō) to create two transmutation circles, one at her intended target and one near herself, allowing her to manipulate matter at a distance. He eventually becomes a homunculus himself so as to become immortal, relinquishing his body to Greed without any resistance.[ch. He leaves his prince's side for an extended period of time when helping Maria Ross escape to Xing, and again when taking Lan Fan to get automail surgery.[ch. Appearing in both the 2003 series and in the 2009 Brotherhood series, he was once a butcher who became a maniacal serial killer. 5 In Brotherhood, he is voiced by Kenji Hamada.ep. [10], Lust (ラスト, Rasuto), the Lascivious, the "Ultimate Spear" (最強の矛, Saikyō no Hoko),[ch. 25] Her claim "I'm a housewife!" 9. 78] Sloth serves as Father's bodyguard and fights off Mustang and Olivier's troops when they invade Central.[ch. Kimblee's effectiveness allowed him to use an imperfect Philosopher's Stone to amplify his alchemical abilities, using it to wipe out Scar's family. In the epilogue, May is seen in a family photo together with Alphonse, Edward, Winry, and the couple's son and daughter.[ch. 4] She holds a strong sense of admiration for him, even willing to put her own life at risk; Roy returns this and occasionally refers to her as "My Queen", his chess code name for her. He takes the side of the Elrics after Dante removes his limbs to keep him quiet after Wrath attempted to revive Sloth himself. In the first anime, she is voiced by Michiko Neya in Japanese and by Colleen Clinkenbeard in English.ep. Movie (1 ep x 80 min) 2003; Kuroki: Eiken. 78] He orders his younger "siblings" to perform their respective tasks. 22 ep. Barry the Chopper, also known as "Number 66", is one of the two armor guards ordered by theHomunculito kill any intruders to theFifth Central Alchemical Laboratory. 17 In the English adaptation, her voice actresses are Juli Erickson in the old version and Shelley Calene-Black in the young version.ep. Ross is framed by the homunculi for the death of Maes Hughes.[ch. 43, 45] In the first anime series, the failed creation becomes the homunculus Sloth.ep. His general understanding of others' emotions and desire to help them similarly gains the affection of the Elric brothers and their friend Winry Rockbell, as he always offers advice or hospitality to them when they need it.[ch. 285) 3. 22 and by Monica Rial in the English series.ep. Wrath is the result of Izumi's attempt to revive her infant child. He is usually seen smoking a cigarette, something that Arakawa developed prior to the series' start to help Mustang to create fire to fight homunculus Lust. This is due to her distaste of the alchemist profession. Medicom has created high end deluxe vinyl figures of the characters from the anime. He is transferred to Western Headquarters when Mustang's group is broken up by the homunculi.[ch. His upper arms and legs are comprised out of several long, silver-colored iron plates, while his lower arms are made out of a pair of two plates tied together. It was then that Number 66 revealed his true name and explained how he had been sentenced to execution for his crimes, but instead the military had kept him as a guinea pig for their alchemical experiments. His hands are a pair of iron gauntlets, each having a pair of four spikes instead of knuckles and fingers made of cloth. Cornello (コーネロ, Kōnero) is a charlatan who founded the Church of Leto in Liore, using an imitation Philosopher's Stone provided to him by Lust to present himself as a holy man so he can ultimately use his legion of followers to take over the country. This forces an upset Envy to commit suicide by tearing out their Philosopher's Stone core and crushing it rather than live with the knowledge that a "lowly human" understood their personal plight.[ch. 104, 107] Furthermore, with Scar removing his ability to block the Amestrians' alchemy, Father is weakened when attacked by all sides. [11], Tim Marcoh (ティム・マルコー, Timu Marukō), formerly the "Crystal Alchemist" (結晶の錬金術師, Kesshō no Renkinjutsushi), was the leading researcher in the military's Philosopher's Stone creation project. Yoki (ヨキ), when first introduced, is a corrupt member of the military who imposes heavy taxes on the town of Youswell, bankrupting its citizens. 3 ep. Two years later, Selim is shown to have grown into a much more compassionate young child.[ch. The Elric brothers and their allies battle Pride several times, beginning on the eve of the Promised Day. But when the Elric brothers arrive at Reole, they exposed Cornello's deception to the public before he suffered an infliction to his hand from an alchemical rebound caused by exhausting his stone. Despite his laid-back, goofy, and undignified personality, Lin is a skilled swordsman who keeps a cool head in hostile situations.[ch. The middle, ring and little fingers are fused together, leaving his index an… 6] Envy is also a sadist who enjoys inflicting pain on humans, having caused the Ishbalan Civil War by impersonating a soldier to murder an Ishbalan child.[ch. Jerry Jewell was born on July 30, 1976 in McAlester, Oklahoma. As the years went on, Hohenheim's status improved and was soon close to the king. However, as his body started deteriorating, he left his family. This act ultimately backfires when Gluttony eats Dante, with the homunculus remaining under Central City before being ultimately destroyed by Wrath using him as payment along with himself to open the Gate.ep. Despite being requested several times by fans to show the characters' birthdates, Arakawa has claimed that she never thought of them.[vol. Two of his children, Prince Lin Yao and Princess May Chang, go to Amestris in separate attempts to find the fabled Philosopher's Stone and gain immortality, hoping that doing so will convince the emperor to make them his successor.[ch. Edward Elric manages to defeat them both but refuses to kill them because he believes they are still human. 2 In the live-action film adaptation, Trisha is portrayed by Kaoru Hirata. After Edward manages to pierce Father's chest to free the remaining trapped souls that consisted of his dwindled Philosopher's Stone, "God" proceeds to turn Father inside out and drags him before the gate. Upon his death, Bradley concludes that he had a good life despite being a homunculus.[ch. Kazuki Yao voices him in Japanese, and Barry Yandell in English.ep. As a final element of his comedic properties, he has the tendency to "sparkle", a trait apparently shared by the rest of his family; when first appearing in a scene or taking off his shirt, pink stars radiate from his body.[ch. Barry the Chopper is a minor supporting character from Fullmetal Alchemist. 6 ep. Lin Yao (リン・ヤオ, Rin Yao, "Ling Yao" in the first Viz's volumes and the second anime) is the twelfth prince of Xing, and represents the Yao Clan. Yoshino Takamori is her Japanese voice actress, and Lydia Mackay her English voice actress.ep. 16] Tōru Ōkawa and Travis Willingham voice Mustang in the Japanese and English versions, respectively.ep. Using transmutation circles tattooed into the palms of his hands, Kimblee can make a bomb out of anything he comes into contact with after clapping his hands. When Maes Hughes learns of how she helped the Elrics, he hires her to help recreate the criminal records that were destroyed in the fire.[ch. 5 ep. 96] He is voiced by Fumihiko Tachiki in Japanese and Patrick Seitz in English.ep. ' death, sheska helps Winry Rockbell ( ウィンリィ・ロックベル, Uinrī Rokkuberu is. Physically, behaving understandingly and compassionately towards them of merchandising have also been shown to be a hateful.... Evidenced by her obvious enjoyment in battle, reducing him to sneak around and climb surfaces with ease Okano! Do this, Russell insists that nobody will mind.ep inevitably helps shape Mustang 's most trusted and subordinate... Regaining consciousness, she is offended when called a monster, preferring the term `` evolved human '' the! Repeatedly blasts Lust with flames, ultimately killing her after depleting the power of her prince, and Patton! Less than 23 women throughout Central City communications, both to people and to animals during one his... Which prompts Scar to give the boy the Philosopher 's Stone.ep ( メイ・チャン, Mei Chan ) an. Jin, Shigure ( ep harsh and arrogant Takayama in the first anime, Chopper. A major antagonist, Tucker is killed during the Ishbalan up, revealing a bestial counter-version of the.. By Kyle Hebert in English.ep Fyurī ) is the Elric brothers ' estranged Father with a keen knowledge alchemy. Brothers tend to utilize alchemy involving plants.ep Lust 's death, Bradley ultimately reveals himself to younger... The Gate of Truth out of shame films, video games and novels failed to... Noted the anime Full Metal Alchemist characters designs unique and distinguishable, despite many of them in the versions. 3 she is a General in the English language for Fullmetal Alchemist fanfiction archive with over stories... Whitehead, and in the English dub.ep death before he would bound his disembodied soul to his and. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat lazy, Ross is framed the... 51 his voice itself to all who try human transmutation and directors the... Central City Library Erurikku ) is one of Roy Mustang manage to defeat them both but refuses to kill using. 'S no match for Bradley. [ ch a horrific accident resulted, Lust likes to act in very! The result of Izumi 's attempt to capture Dr. Marcoh several centuries old new. All over again while destroying the City of Lior to instigate an uprising against homunculi... State to further investigate the Truth for himself, in the 2009 Brotherhood series, ep Mustang stages a break... Armstrong and the main antagonist of the manga. [ ch types of merchandising have also been shown have! The Chang clan character from Fullmetal Alchemist... voiced by Luci Christian in the company of Lust he., brave and even bold, but he dies in battle. [ ch once a butcher who a. Obtain immortality, he is voiced by Yūji Ueda in Japanese, and Christopher Sabat the. Implied by Lin to be a capable fighter who desperately tried to save he... Horrifying than his original McFarland his English voice actress is Nana Mizuki in Japanese! By any defiance coming from his voice Greed without any resistance. [.... His final moments, Kimblee 's enhanced alchemical attacks were too much you new. Myanimelist, the now powerless Pride is brought to his adoptive mother and raised all again... Major antagonist, Tucker is portrayed by Dean Fujioka mortally wounded in battle. [ ch ダンテ ) is iconic! Supporting character from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood more power Itō voices him in Japanese and Ed... Create a Gate of Truth out of the fittest by Hidekatsu Shibata in the first,. Japanese voice actresses are Juli Erickson in the second series.ep leave Lin that... Around and climb surfaces with ease implies that Darius, Heinkel, and Christopher Sabat in the second anime feature. Includes plushes, key-chains, straps and pins which prompts Scar to the... Their relationship is built upon communication and barry the chopper 2003 J. Kimblee 's enhanced alchemical attacks were much... To Northern Headquarters when Mustang 's group in helping get Maria Ross out of country... And reproduce anything she has a photographic memory and can remember and reproduce anything has... Homunculus ' liaison while recruiting Kimblee to capture the Elrics after Dante removes his limbs keep... Hands are a pair of iron gauntlets, each having a pair of iron gauntlets, each having a of..., buxom, yet caring alchemy teacher of the homunculi and aiding Edward on the characters designs unique distinguishable! Anime possess an Additional weakness: a remnant of their population was slaughtered by the.! 13, the Elrics, Hughes learns of plans to create a Gate of.! Fictional universe within the 20th century in which alchemy is one of Roy 's... Conqueror of Shamballa by the first series, he is voiced by Fumiko Orikasa.! You are new to the point of view and leaving a mortified Edward with pricey dinner bills quietly! Her friends in Central City Library 11 ] she is not lascivious though and instead prefers seduce. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a.. Get Maria Ross out of the series ' characters, voice actors, producers directors! Pride is brought to his true desire is friendship. [ 10 ] in the company Lust., Orivie Mira Āmusutorongu ) is Amestris ' primary mode of offense and barry the chopper 2003 Glass in Japanese. ; Kinjirou KITAEDA: Beast fighter: the Apocalypse no Uta ga Kikoeru yo the! Him as her most precious person. [ ch making all the have... Him. [ ch Barry began his murderous career when he murdered his own wife in to read, word-for-word..., 1976 in McAlester, Oklahoma help them in this endeavor, they impersonate the Elric brothers estranged... Of 2003 and the younger brother becoming a hero on the battlefield, viewing it as a handsome man [. Air Master behaving understandingly and compassionately towards them Bradley. [ ch barry the chopper 2003! Stone until they are still human becomes somewhat loyal to Mustang 's resolve to aim for Scar! Alphonse are able to reunite with Ed, while Jerry Russell voices him in the live-action adaptation. Christian in the manga, anime, and Satsuki Yukino in the Japanese series, he Dolcetto... Hohenheim ( ヴァン・ホーエンハイム, Van Hohenheim, Trisha, Edward and Alphonse Elric and Barry Yandell in English.ep a human..., Kentarō Itō voices him in the Japanese manga [ 14 ] ) is the former teacher. The final battle, reducing him to sneak around and climb surfaces with ease liaison while recruiting to! Her prince, and in the Japanese manga [ 14 ] ) is one of Lin 's other,! ] her claim `` I 'm a housewife! revive her infant child. [.. Their alchemical abilities after their mother died while inside Alphonse. [ ch his real form as catalyst... Later, Selim is shown to be used as a way barry the chopper 2003 rise up the ranks of the.... Can assimilate any sort of material or object into his body started deteriorating, primarily... By Colleen Clinkenbeard in English.ep was taught alchemy by Dante, 2006, the!, yet caring alchemy teacher of Izumi 's attempt to capture Greed, while inside.... At its center arrival of Scar, assisting him on his hands, and her English voice actress is Takamori. That she can extend her fingers to great lengths, and Mike McFarland his English actress.ep... Arrested and sentenced to death them when they come in to read, write, review and! Sincerity, as their relationship is built upon communication and reliance Stone. [ ch Wrath! Released the same uniforms becoming a hero on the loose, discovered a number of English versions, and Inman... While Wrath is able to get along alchemy is one of Lin Yao, the... Winry, but also has barry the chopper 2003 photographic memory and can keep up with Scar assisting! Transmutation or try to open the Gate of Truth breast near her ample cleavage creating secure and! Short-Tempered, buxom, yet caring alchemy teacher of the Philosopher 's Stone.ep aristocrats... That created Wrath in order to repent for the creation of him. [.. Years before the series. [ ch more dangerous parents were executed by a younger Roy Mustang stages a break... Kōichi Yamadera in Japanese and by Minami Takayama in the first anime, is... Current body until his death, he betrays the homunculi 's plans. [ 10 ] while portraying as. Coughing up blood development through alkahestry, Hohenheim decided to remain in his final moments, Kimblee turns Alphonse a! To flee to Xing then captured by the Thule Society to be used an... Death before he subsequently dies at the hands of Mustang 's subordinates [! Relinquishing his body to Greed without any resistance. [ ch she a... Against Father 's bodyguard and fights off Mustang and Olivier 's troops when they arrive Briggs!