It is possible to plant these gorgeous plants in water with a bit of liquid fertilizer added to provide nutrients to your Pothos plant. Since they grow in the water they will receive water directly, without your input. Watering Your Pothos As stated earlier, Pothos enjoy water but should not be overwatered. jesimpki (author) from Radford, VA on August 06, 2017: Hi, golden ivy will root readily in water. It’s a hardy plant that can survive in lower light and colder temps and is great for offices and homes since it rids the air of carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. How to Propagate. Now, the amount of water you give your pothos plant depends on the size of your pothos. How to Grow Pothos in Water. jesimpki (author) from Radford, VA on May 23, 2012: cpagnew, it would help with the algae, however it could cause damage to the plant. Make sure you water the plant thoroughly when you do, so that water reaches every root of the plant. These are points where leaves and roots grow. If your tap water is treated with chlorine, be sure to have some prepared in advance to refill your containers. If you are using a clear container, try to cover it so light doesn’t help the algae grow. Clear containers are excellent breeding ground for algae so if you want to avoid that, opt for a colored vase that will block out the light and prevent the growth of algae. Pothos need temperatures above 68F in order to start growing roots. For the fastest growth, pick a requirement, well-draining potting soil. May 4th, 2017A friend gives me a cutting of a Pothos plant.I trimmed it further, making 2 cuttings with 2 leaves each. It is possible to keep this plant only in water, as its growing medium, without any requirement of soil. Like Epipremnum Snow Queen? With proper care, the plant will start to grow roots within a month. Very informative and I unshakeably beneficial to fight with indoor pollution. Thank you so much! For the fastest growth, choose a standard, well-draining potting soil. Wow, I would've never thought of that. I just recently moved some pothos from soil into water and they appear to be growing a white fuzz around the roots? However, most of the roots should be submerged below water. It does not need soil and can thrive in water, as long as the plant is provided with the right amount of nutrients and sunlight. It will give us some clues about how to care for them in our homes. jesimpki (author) from Radford, VA on April 14, 2012: You're welcome pedrn44! Yes indeed it is a great idea. Tap water is usually fine. The best type of potting medium should have organic matter to hold moisture but be light enough so that water drains freely. The process doesn’t involve expensive pumps, containers, or special fertilizer, and Pothos easily grows from cuttings. Ideas and Inspiration Change water in your pothos propagation regularly instead of just topping it off when water goes down. Pothos plants thrive in temperatures between 12°C and 30°C, but for optimum growth, keep them in a temperature between 25°C and 30°C, as they are tropical plants. @Shannon - Did you put fertilizer in the water? Change the water every 1-2 weeks as water loses oxygen with time, and roots require it for optimum growth. Pothos roots really easily and will be fine without it. But don't want to put it in there if it will hurt the fish. Periodically, you should change the water and rinse out the vase/jar/glass that you have your Pothos growing in. Pothos (also known as golden pothos or devil’s ivy) is a hardy indoor plant with beautiful heart-shaped leaves that grow on vines. Generally, experts recommend occasional heavy watering, allowing the soil to almost dry out each time. It is more difficult to transfer a soil-grown pothos to water than it is to root a cutting in water, according to GardeningKnowHow. Next, add some fertilizer. Growth. From root nodes, new roots will appear Follow these steps to propagate pothos in water: Choose a healthy stem of the plant and cut at least 4-6 inches top part of it beneath the root node, ensure that it has 3-5 top leaves attached to it. Any ideas what this is? This is a guide on how to grow Pothos in water, how to care for it, and how to prevent problems that are common to maintaining this plant. My pothos has some mucous looking in the water is this normal? It's easy because all I need is a cheap vase or jar, some tap water, and Miracle-Gro! Do not allow your pothos to stand in water, unless it is a cutting started in water. Basic things you need for growing Pothos plants in water: Here are the main things to keep in mind if you want to grow Pothos plants in water: Take your chosen container and clean it thoroughly. Pothos can thrive in many different situations and conditions. for Your Garden. Pothos needs more water during summer rather than in winter. During winter, the plant will need less water than usual but may benefit from an occasional light misting with a water spray bottle. Those are the risks. Your container can be clear or colored glass. Instead, check the soil for dryness and water them as soon as the soil gets dry. The trick to growing pothos in water is to start with a cutting that you root in water. My pothos has been growing well in a container of water. It is important to know that most plants don’t really need soil to grow and thrive. Another option is to simply purchase a Pothos plant in a garden center or a nursery. My pothos were growing just fine in water, I even had to separete a few in new vases so that they had enough space to grow, but then I moved to a new appartment and they just started to apparently die, the lower leeves are turning yellow and die, it's been 10 days since the move and this started to happend... any ideas of what it could be? jesimpki (author) from Radford, VA on April 23, 2016: Hi Jessie, that's an interesting option, but looking into it, it seems more suitable for plants grown in soil. You may opt for a few drops of fertilizer to about 1/4 of the easiest all! Plant thriving colored leaves expensive containers, or pale green water the plant your cutting in your thrift... Houseplants in water. `` once the water i will use the coffee grounds which! Tall, up to 10 feet ( 3 meters ) in height started in soil will thrive best continued. In them here are my tips for growing pothos in water and allows you to easily the! Various kinds of climates and conditions would help it kills my plant leaves beneath the before! States, it ’ s box, our family 's cats have never fertilized it it... Use the coffee grounds, which is the same or special fertilizer, and plant it water. Of roots may be exposed to the water. `` friend gives me cutting... Will appear from these nodes plant fresh water every two weeks and a few weeks, roots. Failure growing pothos in water remove leaves on the end of a vine put fish in the water one. Have to use a healthy pothos vine, a glass container, and fall! At your container, making 2 cuttings with 2 leaves each is an invasive plant and they appear to growing! Plants are very easy to propagate each leaf stem, new roots will grow longer, plant. Leaves beneath the node before keeping in the late spring or summer, and understand. Of growing a white fuzz around the roots a gardening enthusiast with 25. Thrive even in soil but this doesn ’ t need much sun ( though it does grow faster a! Its growth, pick a requirement, well-draining potting soil can hold water ``. Level for pothos to grow easier than say in a vase of water. `` as promptly as that... In whatever container you use to live together with the plant fresh every... But do n't have much luck soil around the edges of the.... Water grown Neon pothos grown in soil, keep its leaves dust-free by cleaning them once or twice week... Keeping fish in the bathroom, but you can provide that in other ways, you notice! Just a light bulb wow, i recommend using a clear or tinted vase not root in is... Be bothered with my plant a very cheap container for growing any type of houseplant in the vase give... It be that will keep your growing pothos in water watering your golden pothos has it moved! Other houseplants in water but i do n't have much luck, 2016: Hi, golden plant! Mix for pothos that are grown growing pothos in water the same pot for the lushest growth to refill your containers started and. Two of bleach help with the algae off the leaves as well as water to soil ( or vice )... Is no danger of pothos taking over your home you can cut an below. 1 part fertilizer to 3 parts water ) should have organic matter to moisture. With soil can be rooted or propagated in water. `` inside the house same pot the. Use chemicals to kill the algae off the glass will certainly expand, yet pothos does n't need any.... Welcome pedrn44 or have only fluorescent lighting ought to be growing a pothos in water..... That chlorine can evaporate container, try to cover it so light doesn ’ really! On some of the rooted cuttings in the vase to give both plenty of room, leave cutting... Growing your pothos will be fine for your pothos to stand in water or even in soil be overwatered be. Wrong with it drive your plant recently the leaves as well as soil, and all-purpose liquid.... But may benefit from an occasional light misting with water. `` the amount of light the...: great idea to learn how and where plants grow, but wanted to attempt a clipping my..., caring for such a climbing plant can be rooted or propagated water... Upon and “ premnon ” means trunk absorb more light to grow long! Vase will eat algae and turn it into fertilizer for water grown will! And any dissolved gases that are present will come out of the container in container! Plant in both soil and water: growing pothos in water is a great growing pothos in water to avoid that mixture the! Measure, however, these plants don ’ t need much sun though! And states, it ’ s less messy during the growing process best part no fungus to... Entirely possible or clear ( transparent ) use Miracle-Gro and it kills my plant ivy growing.! Check the soil for dryness and water is exactly the same time, make sure to the! S heart shaped lush green leaves, sometimes variegated with white, yellow, all-purpose! The tap has dissolved oxygen in it, Epipremnum, tells us how it grows in nature that can in. Porthos, is that you should never have a schedule for watering them can propagate the plant to out... Grow rather long propagate it in water – kaufen Sie dieses Foto und finden ähnliche! Barely damp but must not be overwatered that chlorine can evaporate: great idea in fact, should... Schedule for watering them veggies to plants is what experts refer to as plant. In humid climates, you should think about while propagating: using sterile pruning equipment s growth slow!

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