Quality Promotion

As part of the WAQSP, the promotion of quality is to promote a quality culture in the private sector through information, awareness, training and technical support.

In practice, it is:

> Develop and integrate structured themes on quality in the national education system;

> Train trainers on structured themes of quality;

> Raise awareness among regional and national actors in the field of quality on the quality principles and services to companies provided by their infrastructure;

> Set up an organized and coherent bilingual regional information system (database) based on the Internet, on the services provided by the quality infrastructure;

> Identify and strengthen quality centers of excellence to reach their highest potential in order to become key actors in the development of quality infrastructure;

> Develop a platform for the exchange of information between consumer associations regarding good and healthy practices and alert misleading products, unreliable services and facilities and to send their specific complaints.


At this stage of the implementation of the WAQSP:

- 225 resource persons were trained as part of the preparation for the qualification in Food Safety Management System (FSMS). Finally 100 of them were qualified.

- As a prelude to the organization of the Regional Quality Award, the national award was established in the non-WAEMU countries of ECOWAS on the basis of a harmonized reference system. In this context, 120 resource persons were trained on the harmonized reference system and the evaluation method based on this reference system. In addition, 130 companies having developed a quality culture within them, subscribed to the National Award. They were evaluated and 28 of them competed at the regional level.

- The regulatory framework of the quality infrastructure has been strengthened with the adoption of five complementary regulations on the organization and functioning of the Community Council of Quality, the Community Committees of Quality and the Regional Accreditation System. Also the Regional Accreditation System has been set up as well as community committees.

- The electronic directory of accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) of West Africa is developed and put online.

- Conformity assessment bodies are selected and technically supported to enable them to be accredited. 3 of them have already obtained their accreditation.

- A quality and industrial database is being developed. Its framework document is developed and adopted.

This program is funded by the European Union with the technical support of UNIDO

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